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A male Wishborn will become a Yoma when his Soul Gem becomes irreversibly corrupted. Yoma are much more brutal than Witches, taking on an absolute physical manifestation without the need or desire to hide behind barriers, as Witches do. Commonly derived from typical forms of male grief, a Yoma is full of rage and despair, driven by an unquenchable bloodlust to destroy and consume everything in sight, though Yoma are known for specifically seeking out mortal men and women to feed upon. Their rage blinds them to any form of rational thought, and once they no longer have a reason to be somewhere (I.E., when everything is destroyed or devoid of life), they will meander on elsewhere until they find something or someone else to terrorize.

Yoma are less common than Witches due to the fact that males seem to have a harder time succumbing to corruption than their female counterparts.


Yoma are often hulking, bipedal brutes, with their size and muscularity being based upon the strength of Wishborn they were corrupted from. The weakest of them will often stand at around the height and size of a Giganto, with stronger forms reaching thrice or even up to five times as much. Their skin color can range from varying pale shades of blue or gray, and their physique is muscular, given their ability to tear through most obstacles with little effort. They have no eyes and only minimal slits on the sides of their heads for ears, and as such cannot see and hear very poorly. They bear stunted noses that, contrary to their appearance, pick up the scent of flesh and blood very accurately. Their mouths are wide and take up the entire lower half of their face, bearing rows and rows of jagged canines. Most have tails of some form or another, but these vary in size and shape by each individual creature.

Barring physical features, the main difference between a Witch and a Yoma is their corporeality; that is, Yoma are not restricted to or restricted upon in the same ways that Witches are, in terms of who can offend them and who they can offend. Since they are out in the world in a purely physical form, nothing is safe from their destruction. This means that while all lifeforms are subject to their rampage, they are not restricted to damage or combat from only Wishborn; anyone with a capable combat skill may attempt to take them on, and without penalty, unlike the immunity Witches are granted from non-Wishborn. Yoma receive and suffer damage like anything else would, but their sheer size and fortitude make them difficult enemies to bring down.