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There are various liquids that players can consume in the Cleft of Dimensions. The main purpose of liquids is to re-hydrate the player, since being thirsty comes with various penalties. Some liquids can also make you less hungry or even make you drunk.

A player turned into a Scarecrow can't drink anything at all, but will still suffer any penalties they had before they became a Scarecrow.


Thirst is defined as having a thirst level below ???. It decreases a player's regeneration rates by half and skills by 10%.

Most races lose one unit of thirst, one unit of drunkenness, and two units of fullness per tick. Some races become thirsty faster than this, losing two units of thirst at a time, while Giganto only have a 66% chance to become more thirsty.

Mobiles cannot get thirsty or full or drunk, and do not even have these stats.

A Vampire of any race/class cannot not recover thirst from any liquid except blood, which is as hydrating for them as water is for everyone else.


A character is drunk if they have a drunkenness level above 10. Being drunk has several effects, mostly negative:

  • You may not be able to drink anything more.
  • You have a chance to stumble through the wrong exit or bump into a wall when moving, and may even fall down.
  • You may pick fights with mobs, or use random socials on them.
  • The Leap skill gets disabled.
  • Players may start seeing elephants.
  • Outgoing speech is slurred.
  • All skill percentages are reduced proportional to one's drunkenness.
    • There are exceptions for Scuppered and Wino Wherewithal.
    • The Scuppered skill also lessens this penalty somewhat.
  • There is a small, hidden incentive to grouping with other players while only slightly drunk.
  • If extremely drunk, you may fall unconscious as if affected by the Sleep spell.

A high Constitution stat will lessen the penalties and improve the benefits of drunkenness.

The Scuppered, Wino Wherewithal, and Firebreather skills work better if you are more drunk.

Drunk levels can be checked for in mobprogs.

Drink Containers

The drink container object type is designed to be a refillable object carried around by the player. Drink containers can be 'fill'ed from fountains, 'pour'ed into other containers or 'empty'd onto the ground. Drink containers disappear when they're empty unless the extra flag 'noexplode' has been set.

Any drink container can hold any type of liquid, regardless of what type was in it originally, so long as it is emptied first. Non-empty containers can only be refilled with the same kind of liquid.

Item Values

  • [v0] Liquid Total: The size (in single units of liquid) of the container.
  • [v1] Liquid Left: The amount of liquid left.
  • [v2] Liquid: The type of liquid in this container


Fountains are an object type intended to be loaded into a room and drunk from repeatedly. It's possible to carry around a fountain and drink from it, but they cannot be refilled. Fountains don't disappear when they're empty.

Players that just type 'drink' without any arguments will automatically drink from the first fountain in the room.

Players drinking from a fountain consume three times as much per 'drink' as they would from a drink container with the same liquid inside.

Item Values

  • [v0] Liquid Total: The size (in single units of liquid) of the fountain. -1 means infinite.
  • [v1] Liquid Left: The amount of liquid left. -1 means infinite
  • [v2] Liquid: The type of liquid in this fountain


Potions can be drunk to cast 1-4 spells on the drinker. The level of each spell is specified in the item properties. Potions don't affect hunger, thirst, or drunkenness (unless the spells they cast do). Potions can be consumed even if you're already full from food or normal liquids.

Potions are a spell-casting item and are related to drink containers and fountains only in that they are used with the 'drink' command. Potions disappear when consumed, and don't leave behind a container that can be refilled.

You can't drink a potion at all if the item level is higher than your character level.

Drinking a potion will cause lag to a player, but only as much as the slowest spell cast by the object. The Nimblehands spell can reduce this lag by half, however.

The Toss skill allows players to use potions on other characters. Some potions have intentionally harmful affects, and are often intended to be Tossed at an enemy instead of consumed directly.

A potion item with the extra3 flag "eventitem" won't cast any spells, but rather execute the mobprog specified by the v0 (spell level) field. This mobprog will have neither a victim nor a target, so be careful.

Item Values

  • [v0] Level: Level that the spells are cast at
  • [v1] Spell: The first spell that it casts
  • [v2] Spell: The second spell that it casts
  • [v3] Spell: The third spell that it casts
  • [v4] Spell: The fourth spell that it casts

Liquids Table

These liquids can be in a drink container or fountain type object. They can be poisoned or not as specified by the item they're in, EG you can have two containers, one with poisonous milk and one with normal milk.

When you drink a liquid from a drink container, you remove up to the liquid's 'serving size' from the container. When drinking directly from a fountain, you consume three servings of liquid at once UNLESS there's not that much liquid left in it.

List of Liquids
name color proof fullness thirst food serving size
water clear 0 1 10 0 12
beer amber 8 1 6 1 12
red wine burgundy 26 1 5 1 5
ale brown 10 1 6 1 12
tonic clear 18 1 6 1 12
whisky golden 94 1 5 0 2
lemonade yellow 0 1 8 1 12
firebreather boiling 190 0 0 1 2
local specialty clear 130 1 0 1 2
slime mold juice green 0 2 -8 2 2
milk white 0 2 8 2 8
tea tan 0 1 8 0 6
coffee black 0 1 8 0 6
blood red 0 2 -4 2 8
salt water clear 0 2 -8 0 12
coke fizzy 0 2 8 1 12
root beer foamy 0 2 8 1 12
sprite fizzy 0 2 8 1 12
white wine pale 22 1 5 1 5
champagne bubbly 24 1 5 1 5
mead golden 34 1 5 1 5
oil pale 0 2 0 2 2
grease brown 0 2 0 2 5
vodka clear 100 1 0 1 2
cranberry juice burgundy 0 1 8 1 12
orange juice orange 0 1 8 1 12
apple juice golden 0 1 8 1 12
brandy amber 80 1 0 1 2
chocolate milk brown 0 2 8 2 8
nectar golden 16 1 6 1 5
icewine golden 20 1 5 1 5
cider fizzy 10 1 8 1 12
leaf slurp green 4 2 4 2 5
slurpee blue 0 2 8 1 12
rum amber 151 1 0 1 2
cordial red 110 1 0 1 2
tequila pale 80 1 0 1 2
gin clear 114 1 0 1 2
grape soda purple 0 2 8 1 12
strawberry milk pink 0 2 8 2 8
grog murky 20 1 5 1 12
sake clear 30 1 5 1 5
broth amber 0 2 8 3 8
soy milk white 0 2 8 2 8
  • The amount of drunkenness gained is the serving size times the proof, divided by 24.
  • The amount of fullness gained is the serving size times the liquid's fullness value, divided by 4.
  • The amount of thirst quenched is the serving size times the liquid's thirst value, divided by 10.
  • The amount of hunger satiated is the serving size times the liquid's food value, divided by 2.

All of these get rounded down. If the fountain or drink container doesn't have a full serving, then the amount used in these calculations is decreased appropriately. EG:

  • A shot of rum will increase your drunkenness by 12, your fullness by 0, your thirst by 0, and your hunger by 1.
  • Guzzling rum directly from a fountain of rum will increase your drunkenness by 36, your fullness by 1, your thirst by 0, and your hunger by 3.

The maximum values for a player's hunger, thirst, and drunkenness are all 48. Consuming more liquid will never raise any of these values above this maximum.