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The Town of Truce

May 12 of the year 323

Luna's Day

Let me tell you about my day.

Headmaster Bluu posted some jobs for mercenaries like me, Despa, in SeeD. My partner, Maximus, and I jumped onto these jobs in hopes of obtaining the reward, which was 800 gold for all of the jobs.

The first task we attempted was to compile a list of some equipment around Truce that we could gather quickly and easily. After that, we decided to try our luck at the other job posted by Bluu today. It comprised of speaking with a new recruit to a clan called The Chosen. I found out some pretty neat info from this Madoushi fellow. A lot of neat things are happening in the Cleft right now. I'm pretty excited to be in SeeD, especially with a great partner like Maximus.

At any rate.. we sent in the info we acquired about Madoushi, and then we decided to celebrate a little. It was my first time having a drink in the Cleft since I was but 22 years old. Maximus and I had a lot of fun drinking; we even got the beautiful and lovely Melfina to drink with us some.

After a hard day's work, Bluu paid us for our accomplishments and gave us some reassuring words. I'm glad it's the end of today, I'm so tired right now, I feel I can hardly write this out. Well, good bye for now.. until I write again!


Member of the White SeeDs

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