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Active: Year 323 - 325

Clan Status: Defunct

The Chosen was a clan made up by the mad reploid Saneron, former member of of the Mavericks, and fully infected with the Maverick Virus. He believed that he was possessed by a thing he called the Sunfire Dragon, and, in one of his more lucid moments, decided that there must be other celestial dragon spirits out there lurking in others. As such, he hand-picked three young adventurers and convinced them of the special powers that he swore lurked within them, and gave them titles based on the planets in the Earth solar system.

A few months after the clan's inception, Saneron inducted Madoushi, told a story about suddenly being able to transfer the power of the Pluto Dragon from Oni, who was in another dimension entirely, to him, and then inexplicably gave him majority control over the clan. The only clue toward this action was that Saneron routinely called Madoushi 'Kalis', and, when telling odd stories about his supposed childhood, Saneron would interchange the names Kalis and Madoushi so often that one might get the impression that he thought they were the same person.

Madoushi almost immediately reformed Saneron's special dragon power team stories, that the clan had been operating on, and shaped the Chosen into something more like a police force. He then had Saneron draft a set of laws, that made little sense, and posted them in the Truce town square in May of the Year 323. The Chosen would attempt to enforce these laws, but were largely ignored.

The Chosen never had a base of operations, and tended to just mill around Truce, waiting to push their laws on the townsfolk and adventuring heroes at every turn.

If they ever accomplished anything of note, it was never recorded and has been lost.

After Saneron and Pears disappeared during the Forgotten Year, the two remaining Chosen, Madoushi and Tasogare, split up and went their separate ways.

Known Members

Saneron - the Sun.

Pears - the Saturn.

Madoushi - the Pluto.

Tasogare - the Venus.

Oni - Oni was one of the Chosen's first members. But, when he stumbled across a rift that would take him out of the Cleft and back home, he would leave and not return. Instead, sent Madoushi to take his place.

Jango MH-01 - One of the first members of the clan, but he would disappear without a trace before Madoushi ever joined.