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A Reploid without a custom picture
Age: ??
Race: Reploid
Status: Deceased
Affiliation: Mavericks / the Chosen

Active: Year 322 - 325

Saneron was an average reploid of no consequence who was infected with the Maverick Virus in 322. Unlike Jedo and others who, once infected, maintained a level of control over their corrupted systems, Saneron came unhinged. His memory banks and neural processors were all heavily corrupted and he could no longer tell the difference between what was real, and what was fantasy.

He would, at one point, talk about inducting his son, that he didn't have, into the Mavericks, and at another loudly tell a story in the Truce town square about a reploid boy who had an arm cannon that could destroy the world. He claimed to have been born of dark and chaotic powers and that he had already set the destruction of the Cleft into motion, but told stories of being a rogue creation of Dr. Albert Wiley, and spoke of a childhood growing up in another dimension with a best friend named Kalius at length.

He obsessed over pie, marveled at a pair of abandoned boots he found in the desert, hid out in the Moogle Cave for days at a time, and swore that he was possessed by the spirit of a Sunfire Dragon. He even had a spatula he kept close and swore it was possessed by the dragon too.

But at the same time, he had stretches of time where he was sane enough to convince young adventuring types to join a guild he made up, called the Chosen, offering them both power and protection should they need it, but never really having either to give.

Saneron, like most of the Mavericks, disappeared during the Forgotten Year. It's widely believed that he and the other Mavericks were destroyed by the Maverick Hunters during this time.