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Active: Year 180 - 325

Clan Status: Defunct

A group of reploids infected with the Maverick Virus, inherently bent toward chaos and destruction. Originally led by Sigma, the Mavericks formed in the year 180, targeting non-reploid settlements and traveling caravans. The reploid Jedo would assume control of the group after Sigma's death in a raid on Rocket Town in the year 290. They remained active until the Forgotten Year Event. Afterward, in 325, the Mavericks were gone and the Maverick Hunters were quick to claim the victory.

The exact number of Mavericks, and the full account of their exploits have been obscured and lost to time. Accounts recovered in Jedo's old lab suggest that he was actively recruiting and spreading the virus up until the Forgotten Year at the very least.

Known Members

Sigma - Original founder of the Mavericks. Died in the year 290.

Jedo - Leader of the Mavericks. He took over after Sigma's death, and is presumed to have died sometime during the Forgotten Year.

Saneron - The mad reploid. Unlike the others, he would leave the Mavericks in 322, fully infected with the Maverick virus, and, in the midst of his insane antics around the town of Truce, would form his own clan in 323.

Aeon - A malfunctioning and broken down reploid Jedo found on Cactuar Island in 323. Once infected with the virus and reactivated, Aeon was wholly dedicated to the Mavericks.

Drakon - Nothing is known about this reploid. Its name was found in one of Jedo's old logs.

Akuma - Nothing is known about this reploid. Its name was found in one of Jedo's old logs.