Rocket Town

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Rocket Town
Phwooomsh! How does this thing not level the city every time it launches? Magic!
Source: Final Fantasy 7
Builder: Kain Abel
Level Range: 10-15
Linked: Yes

Rocket Town is a small city in Guardia, west of Truce. It sits on the southern edge of the Rabite Forest, with fields to the south and east.

A large portion of the population of Rocket Town is directly involved with the maintenance or construction of the eponymous rocket, which explains the large proportion of engineers.


Rocket Town was founded in the year 280 to provide infrastructure for a blossoming space program.


Rocket Town is not a big tourist attraction, but has some interesting things anyway.

The Rocket

Rocket Town's namesake is a large rocket in the middle of the town. It makes flights almost daily to Final Weapon, ferrying passengers with trade goods as payload.

Most of Guardia's space program funding seems to come from private investors.


A few stores in Rocket Town stock equipment and supples for low-level (10-15) adventurers. Mindy's Mine Shop is often frequented for its pickaxes.

Professor Oak's Lab

A team of pokemon experts reside in Rocket Town and are worth visiting for anyone who is curious about the strange creatures.


Rocket Town consists mainly of hard-packed, unpaved streets. Most people travel on foot, but there is at least one truck in town, that keeps running into Palmer (or vice-versa?).

Booster Tower is nearby, along the eastern road between Rocket Town and Truce. A certain man in blue roaming the streets offers transit to the Pioneer 2. Recently, the Magitek Factory has reopened beneath Rocket, and a team of expert engineers linked it underground to the Cave of Waterfalls.

Law, Government, and Politics

Rocket Town is part of the kingdom of Guardia. The ShinRa Electric Power Company keeps a strong presence in the town, also, and their privately-employed security guards probably help protect the general populace as well.


Rocket Town is a small place, but a rambling old man loves to ask every new adventurer he meets:

- Have you beaten Palmer?

The Great Explorer Luigi Says

Luigi.jpg "Luigi has watched miscreants start-a trouble with the town's Engineers. He had to break up-a few fights because the engineers can't-a really defend themselves. Rocket Town is-a good place to pick up-a few pickaxes and bombs for underground exploring!"