Rabite Forest

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Rabite Forest
Rabite gets whacked!
Source: Secret of Mana
Builder: Zephyr
Level Range: 1-5
Linked: Yes

Rabites live there but you might have figured that out.


An enormous redwood tree lies in the center of the forest while an unusual pond of sweet nectar lies along the western edge. Expect unusual results while consuming.


The Rabite Forest is northwest of Truce with the Cave of Waterfalls on the other side. A path towards the northeast of the forest leads out to a canyon connected to Guardia Castle, Cosmo Canyon, and Truce Canyon. There is also a cave that is connected to the base of Booster's Tower, but a locked door preveents casual entry.


Lots of Rabites! There are also some bees, flowers, wolves, and mushrooms. A Deku Scrub in the area might be willing to help a budding adventurer out for the right price. A humanoid cat lives here too.

Law, Politics, and Government

Being right next to Guardia Castle and Truce, Rabite Forest falls under Guardia rule.


A pair of knights named after popular seasonings once rested in Rabite Forest for the night. Around their campfire, the shorter and robust knight asked the skinnier, taller one a few questions:

- Have you confronted Bud and Lisa?

- Or fought the Mantis Ant?

- How about helping out Nikita?

The Great Explorer Luigi Says

Luigi.jpg "The bound wolves will increase their attack-a power after-a while and the buzz bees have-a tendency to buzz up a swarm. Hassan in Truce sells-a diluted tonic that can restore HP in-a pinch!"