Guardia Castle

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Guardia Castle
Yes, exactly.
Source: Chrono Trigger
Builder: Benamas
Level Range: 40+
Linked: Yes

Guardia Castle is the seat of government for the kingdom of Guardia. Its physical location is on the edge of the Rabite Forest.


The first bricks of Guardia Castle were laid around the year 250. It has been renovated and improved a few times since then, EG for the installation of electrical power from Rocket Town to the south.

During the construction of the castle, the elderly Queen disappeared and was presumed dead. Since then, the structure of government has been modified to give more power to the cabinet members and chancellor, making finding a successor unimportant since they wouldn't have much actual clout anyway.


Guardia Castle has employed the most famous pastry chef in the region, Chef Torte. His wares are sold to the public in the castle cafeteria. The Guardia throne, while totally empty, is still in the throne room and just as opulent as ever. Bounty Hunters frequent the castle in search for their next mark. It has THE BEST lawn in the entire cleft.


One can reach Guardia Castle by heading northwest at the fork that connects it to Rabite Forest, Cosmo Canyon, and Truce Canyon.


Guards and government personnel make up the majority of the castle. Princesses from other lands seem to gather here as well for safety while a wise summoner performs research below.

Law, Politics, and Government

See main article at Guardia#Central Government

While Guardia claims to be a Kingdom, and there is even an actual throne, there has never been an actual monarch since Guardia Castle was built. All the actual work of governing is performed by a group of ministers who are appointed by the Knights of the Square Table, who are elected by popular vote.


Once upon a time, a guard patrolled an inmate who was to be executed in three days. The guard listened to his tales, the last words he would speak before the end:

- I battled a dragon!

- and I retrieved a lost key!

- I fetched an anvil!

- I beat up a pastry!

- On top of that, I claimed a bounty!

The Great Explorer Luigi Says

Luigi.jpg "Luigi was-a very impressed with the castle guard when he saw-a rough adventurer get subdued. They called out for-each other to help take him down. After kicking him out, he tried-to return but was immediately taken down again! Luigi felt-a very calm knowing the guards would keep him safe. Anyone willing to commit-a senseless murder in the capital of Guardia is playing-a very dangerous game with-a no continues!"

A series of bloodstained notes

green guy is right, here. assist range in earshot. they carry healing if you kill them quick enough. gear isn't good for a caster though. the princesses are good marks too, just expect 'em to scream.