Truce Canyon

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Truce Canyon
Truce canyon.png
Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies
Source: Chrono Trigger
Builder: Benamas
Level Range: 1-5
Linked: Yes

Running in a northwest-to-southeast direction, Truce Canyon sits just north of the city of Truce. It was formed over time due to the erosive action of the Lete River.


A main feature of the canyon is the large natural bridge that spans across it. Several meters thick, it is sturdy enough to support large volumes of traffic. It connects the west bank to the east bank.


The landscape is populated by a startling number of brightly colored Imps and their trained Rolys. The Imps of Truce Canyon are lead by the infamous Imp King. Novice adventurers should keep their guard up. A few goombas occupy the mesa area.


Truce Canyon lies straight north of Truce and is the perfect place for beginning adventurers to test their mettle. A valley to the northwest runs down towards Cosmo Canyon and Guardia Castle. The Lete River road begins on the west bank of the canyon, connecting Truce Canyon to the city of Wutai.

Law, Politics, and Government

It should come as no surprise that Truce Canyon, sitting right between Truce and Guardia Castle, is part of Guardia much as the Imp King would like to object.


An adventurer passing through the canyon once came across someone's abandoned note on the ground. He read it silently to himself: "Crono! Oh my god, Biff stole the Gate Key and is unwittingly destroying the space-time continuum! We're with the doctor in the Tardis now, but if your timeline somehow gets this message, you need to do these things to set everything straight again!

- Beat the Imp King!

- Get the pants pattern!

- Master imp diplomacy!

- Find the roly riding crop!

You're our only hope now! Don't let us down! - Lucca"

The Great Explorer Luigi Says

Luigi.jpg "Truce Canyon is-a full of mischievous imps, but they are like-a goomba who ate a mini-mushroom. Luigi takes all new explorers here and-a has them find food in-a berry bush as their first step-a training."

A series of bloodstained notes

you could have killed three imps in the time it took to read this. be careful of the rune, unless you're supremely confident. don't lose sight of the imp king, ignore the trash he throws at you.