Lete River

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Lete River
Now with less octopuses!
Source: Final Fantasy 3 but not really
Builder: Benamas
Level Range: 6-10
Linked: Yes

The Lete River flows from the Loftarasa Range south towards the Western Sea. It runs through Truce Canyon before opening into the ocean near Wutai.


The Lete River Road runs from the base of the natural bridge in Truce Canyon, all the way to the beach near Wutai.


As the road, alongside the river exists mostly to get from one place to another, there's not a lot of interest on the way. A camping area exists for those who need to rest during the journey. There's good fishing to be had in the area, too!


Bellsprouts, Cheep Cheeps, and mollusks are scattered around the area going about their daily lives in relative peace.

Law, Politics, and Government

The Lete River is part of Guardia territory.


Two fishermen once spent a day along the river's edge, fishing away without a care in the world. One asked the other:

- Have you gone lumberjacking for Mycroft?

- Or found someone in the swamp?

- Or battled Boss Bass?!

The Great Explorer Luigi Says

Luigi.jpg "Luigi buys some activated charcoals in Truce before diving in-the river because Bellsprouts like-ta poison him. Certain parts of-the river are un-available without a raft or-a lily pad. He went-a fishing using-a pole and bait he bought in Crysta!"