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On the northwest part of the common world map is the continent of Guardia, a mountaineous land of interconnected cities. The terrain varies wildly, depending on proximity to the mountains, and whether or not it is close to the north pole. The vast majority of the population lives in the flatlands and valleys of the Truce and Wutai regions.

Nearly all of the continent is run by a central elected government named after the continent that represents the major cities. Guardia is divided by region, with a representative mayor from a town in each region. Some parts that are within the continent of Guardia are not actually under the rule of the state of Guardia, and instead these entities have sovereignty.

*  Inaccessible areas.
** Inaccessible areas with names that aren't finalized.

Guardia Kingdom

Bold areas are sovereign.

Eriphia Winterlands

Frosty Forest
 Wintry Village, Todo
Madra Ice Field
 Temple of Arctic
Phendrana Drifts

The majority of the northern portion is cold enough year-round for extremely long (and in some places permanent) winters. The north is also covered almost entirely in conifer forest. It also has the largest river (the Eriphia River) in Guardia running through it and emptying into the Manawydan Ocean, which covers the northern limits of the Cleft.

The northeast section of the Winterlands is a barren ice field and is largely unregulated. The ancient city of Brigantes once existed in this region. Along the north coast are the Phendrana Drifts and some barren beaches with some tiny villages that live their lives oblivious of what goes on in the world.

Truce Farmlands

Guardia Fields
 Placid Village, Crysta
Rabite Forest
 Booster's Tower
  Artificial Province, Marrymore
Backwater Industry, Rocket Town
Free City, Truce
Sulfataska Mountains

The southern most section of Guardia is popularly known as Truce Valley, and contains the continent's capital: Truce. Truce is a populous port town that is well guarded because of the primacy of it's location. There are many small towns that directly interact with this trade city, and it often acts as a financial liason.

The Western Sea is to the east of the valley. The majority of farmland exists within this valley as well, protected by small mountains on its other three sides. The south mountains represent the border between Guardia and Fa'Diel.

Guardia Tablelands

Guardia Castle
Bustling Canyon, Cosmo
Saturn Valley
Truce Canyon
Gigan Canyons
 Gigantos Stronghold

Loftarasa Highlands

Loftarasa Mountain Range
 Mountaintop Commune, Mandala
  Temple of Prophecy
 Mount Nibelheim
 Mount Rolante

Wutai Marshlands

Oriental City, Wutai
 Altamira Boardwalk
  Smash Stadium
 Wutai Fields
 Wutai Pagoda
Humboldt Island
 Kett's Rooms
The Western Sea

The southeastern section of Guardia is still cool, but the warmest part of Guardia. It is isolated by canyons to the west and mountains to the north and much of it is marsh or beach. The region is named after the largest city there, Wutai. Wutai is a city whose primary economy focuses on the crop fields surrounding it. It also has a booming tourism industry, with the Altamira Boardwalk being the most notable example of this.

The Zenan bridge connects the Marshlands to Humboldt Island, which has a small inn.

Central Government


While Guardia claims to be a Kingdom, and there is even an actual throne, there has never been an actual monarch since Guardia Castle was built. All the actual work of governing is performed by a group of ministers who are appointed by the Knights of the Square Table, who are elected by popular vote.

Castle of Guardia

Official Position Duties Current Figure Gained By
The Royal Family Ceremonial Figurehead ??? Inherited
Chancellor Head of Judicial branch Yakra Appointed by the Knights of the Square Table
Chief of Defense Commands the army of Guardia and the Truce Militia Frog Appointed by the Knights of the Square Table
Grand Magister Head of the Misuse of Magic and Magical Artifacts branch ??? Appointed by the Knights of the Square Table
Minister of Urban Development Head of housing and construction Reeve Tuesti Appointed by the Knights of the Square Table
Knights of the Square Table Mayors of the towns who also gather at Guardia Castle to debate and vote on manners related to the citizens of Guardia. Various Popular Vote
Chairman of the Square Table Presides over the Square Table ??? Chosen by the Chancellor


Each territory has a capitol town, even if that territory only has one town. While all towns have mayors, the leaders of these specific towns have more voting power as members of the Knights of the Square Table. The mayors are elected by the town's citizens.

Territory Mayor/Town # Capitol Current Mayor
Eriphia Winterlands 1 Todo Bo Ordon
Truce Farmlands 5 Truce Magnus
Guardia Tablelands 1 Cosmo Bugenhagen
Loftarasa Highlands 1 Mandala Byrjun
Wutai Marshlands 2 Wutai Brock


Guardia employs a voluntary military sourced from its own population. The army is headed by the Chief of Defense, a position appointed by the Knights of the Square Table. The Guardia Army protects the interests, sovereignty, and territorial integrity of Guardia from internal and external threats.

The Truce Militia forms an auxiliary reserve corps for the defense of the city of Truce.

Sovereign Areas

Alfador Isle

  • Magus' Castle
  • Imp Village, Medina



Giganto Territories
Gerudo Territories

Saturn Valley