Alfador Isle

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Magus's Castle
The word "Magus" is the singular form of the word "magi", a Latin word serving as the root of the English equivalents "mage," "magic," and "magician." Magus' Japanese name Maō translates roughly to "demon king" and is more clearly identified as a title rather than a name.
Source: Chrono Trigger
Builder: Ziddar, Arilothas, Benamas, Ageatii, Versalia
Level Range: 31-40
Linked: Yes

Alfador Isle is an island off the east coast of Guardia.

Magus lives there in his castle and the town of Medina is nearby, populated by mostly imps.


140 - The sorceror Magus finds an uninhabited island in the Western Sea and sets up shop, using his powerful magics to construct a giant castle.

142 - Imps appear on the island via unknown means.

143 - Imps settle down and form the town of Medina. Property value plunges to an all-time low and never recovers.

145 - Magus conscripts imps into his personal army, known as the Mystics.

Magus has spent basically the entire time since then gaining power and doing various sinister wizardly things, cooped up in his castle.


Magus's Castle is the focal point of the island, huge and dark and ominous. It's very hard to get into, which obviously means it's full of awesome treasure, right??

The town of Medina has lots of imps and other ne'er-do-well types, and even a few stores to shop at, although the prices are kind of high for non-natives. There's also a Pokemon Gym here.


There is a ferry that travels to Alfador Isle from Truce.


Many Mystics inhabit the island, ready to do Magus' bidding.

Law, Politics, and Government

The town of Medina has a mayor, but Magus' castle is just next door.


The Master of the Castle awaits a foolish adventurer to challenge him. Probably because he's super bored.

The Great Explorer Luigi Says

Luigi.jpg "Mystics tend to be a-gressive towards outsiders like Luigi. Healing potions are-a must when facing powerful foes!"