Phendrana Drifts

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Phendrana Drifts
Source: Metroid Prime
Builder: Benamas
Level Range: 61-70
Linked: Yes

The Phendrana Drifts make up much of the north coast of Guardia. It is currently the northernmost accessible point in the world.


A long time ago some mysterious stuff fell into the Cleft of Dimensions. It froze solid pretty quickly and then a glacier spent the next hundred years burying it under even more ice.


Ever wanted to gaze over the beautiful Manawydan Ocean with that special someone after nearly freezing to death fording an icy river while fighting heavily armored aggressive ice monsters? Phendrana Drifts is the stop for you! Come and enjoy the harsh cold and a family friendly welcome by the locals for memories that will last forever.


The only way to get here is through the western Frosty Forest. It would be possible to access Phendrana by boat from the northern Manawydan Ocean, but the waters around the area are riddled with icebergs.


Scary ice monsters and other arctic fauna are all you'll probably find in Phendrana, some of which are rather hostile. Wide-ranging hunters, trappers, or fishermen will occasionally travel here from Todo.

Law, Politics, and Government

Phendrana Drifts fall under the realm of Guardia, but there are no permanent settlements.


Fishing in the arctic and sharing stories is a favorite pastime for walrus fishermen waiting for a rare catch. A hunter howled at their petty tales and asked if any of their feats matched his own:

- Have you ever exploited a Sheegoth's weak point?

- Or satiated a hungry hungry Saiyan?

- Looted and then escaped that statue chamber?

- Defeated a rampaging earth elemental!

The Great Explorer Luigi Says

Luigi.jpg "It's-a very cold here for-a Luigi, so he wears an-agate pendant he bought in Caspia and enchanted with the help of-a merchant. The Super Luigi Raft(TM)-a came in handy when crossing-a shivering cold river! Food and water is-a scarce here, so Luigi recommends bringing-a plenty of it. Luigi's fireballs really help him out in this place!"