Frosty Forest

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Frosty Forest
You there, walrus dude, what are you all about anyway
Source: Secret of Mana
Builder: Lilly, Umbraunt
Level Range: 51-60
Linked: Yes

Frosty Forest is a frozen forest in northern Guardia. The forest is vibrant and full of wolves and other wildlife.


Feel the chill of Northern Guardia on your skin in this magnificent winter wonderland. Watch the local wildlife propagate and devour tourists while howling to the moon to sing their praises of victory to the towering pillars of ice and snow!


The town of Todo has several shops, all staffed by walruses. Indeed, the only permanent inhabitants are walruses, who don't mind the constant cold weather.

Santa's House

Not a believer in Santa? Perhaps a visit is in order! He lives peacefully in the forest with his loyal reindeer and guardian face eating plant.


The road leading into Frosty Forest can be reached from the northern peak of the Loftarasa Mountains. There's also a crazed man running a giant cannon just outside of Todo, but he will only offer his services to highly experienced adventurers.

The Madra Ice Field lies to the north beyond the village while Phendrana Drifts rests off the northwest side of the forest.


Howlers and Pebblers dominate most of the forest while steering clear of the more powerful Turtlances and La Funks. Some eccentric anthropomorphic cat has set up shop somewhere, too.

Law, Government, and Politics

Frosty Forest falls under Guardia rule, but is likely governed with more scrutiny by the local walrus population in Todo. The mayor there is very efficient.


Fierce adventurers who have avoided taking arrows to their knees have trudged through the harsh snow and lived to tell the tales of their exploits. Their words of guidance are as follows:

- Have you helped out a jolly red reptile?

- Did you bring the holiday spirit to someone?

- Have you looted little koopa treasures?

The Great Explorer Luigi Says

Luigi.jpg "Luigi carries-a couple-a bottles of Remedies from Orbonne Monastery for when he feels-a bit slowed down and weak. He shoots-a fireballs when he can't jump on-a monster with materia from Cosmo Canyon!

A series of bloodstained notes

yeah, good here. wolves go down. pebblers go down, think they can screw with mana though. big face on the west end aggros. funks can go intangible, magic them. turtlances can do a lot of damage.