Orbonne Monastery

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Orbonne Monastery
Blame yourself or God.
Source: Final Fantasy Tactics
Builder: Versalia
Level Range: 40-50
Linked: Yes

Orbonne Monastery is a monastery in Fa'Diel full of monks and priests.


The Orbonne Monastery sits atop of one of the most ancient, dangerous libraries in existance. Practically rivaling the Etansel library in sheer volumes of knowledge, it is not nearly as famous or popular, as the inhabitants of the monastery have taken many measures to seal it up. The curse of the Zodiac Stones, mostly calmed, still seems to haunt the monastery...

Diana started the Monastery as a temple sanctuary for Jumi.

Over time the monastery took in more devout followers of different races, but was mainly controlled by the Jumi following their strict society codes. When Diana mysteriously died, authority went to her Guardian and husband, the Clarius (Pyrin).

When Goa invaded the southern lands of Fa'Diel, Pyrin chose to close Orbonne off from the world rather than take in those seeking asylum. This unpopular action led to the eventual upheaval of order after Pyrin's untimely death. The non-Jumi took over and opened their doors to those seeking aid, while exiling the Jumi still loyal to Pyrin. Any Jumi that remain in Orbonne to this day are those who chose to follow the new order and break from their traditions.


Orbonne is home to the (currently) only known living enchanted fruit tree, though it is constantly under siege by monkies searching for bananas. The Priests' Guild is here, offering goods and services to Priests only.


Rafa and Malak are the leaders, preaching tolerance and peace after the War of the Lions in their own world. Although everyone within is a devout pacifist, their brand of pacifism makes exceptions for aggressors - should you disturb their balance, the monks and priestesses can pummel the best warrior. The serene atmosphere of the place also draws bards and dancers, who form the majority of the church's choir and performers.


One can reach Orbonne Monastery by sticking north in the Oreyndur Forest northwest of The Veldt. It is a popular stop for weary travelers seeking sanctuary from the wilds.

Law, Government, and Politics

Orbonne Monastery has been declared a strictly neutral religious zone. Anyone of any alignment, religion or affiliation may safely and peacefully worship or take refuge within its walls.


Managing a monastery in a strange world like the cleft is hard work. Perhaps someone in charge could use a hand with something?

The Great Explorer Luigi Says

Luigi.jpg "Luigi loves the potions sold in the monastery, Remedies are-a particularly useful to have on hand."

A series of bloodstained notes

things will assist here, sometimes. seems like they keep to their cliques. except monks, they'll butt in on anything. priestesses drop potions they sell in the store, worth coming back around for. going deeper has [smeared blood renders this unreadable].