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Jumi are reclusive people with precious stones instead of hearts.


A Jumi's core is a large piece of gemstone embedded in their chests. If it's removed from a Jumi, they die.

The type of a core a Jumi starts with depends on their innate:

Innate Core
None alexandrite
Water sapphire
Moon pearl
Wood emerald
Wind lapis lazuli
Earth diamond
Fire ruby

For gameplay purposes, core types are purely decorative and all Jumi cores will function identically. Should a player wish to have a different core appearance, a restringed core will retain its name across logouts etc.


Most Jumi went into hiding around the year 227. They can pass as humans pretty easily if they just button up their collar.

Jumi Traditions

A Jumi's status in Jumi society was based off the quality of the gemstone that their core was comprised of. There was good reason for this, as the quality of a Jumi's core reflected their innate talent and ability.

The Clarius is the highest status a Jumi can obtain in their society, and there is only one. Clarius (most precious), rather than being a specific type of gemstone, is when a core is perfect and completely without flaws. The acting Clarius is essentially the figurehead of the group, and their role often is to cure the mortally wounded Jumi. This constant strain will eventually wear out the Clarius and their core, leading eventually to death.

The actual acting leader of the Jumi is the person beneath the ranking of the Clarius.

Jumi would often work or travel in pairs, one member of the pair being called a Knight and the other a Guardian. The Knight is generally a fighter while the Guardian is a spellcaster.

Some especially powerful Jumi are better known by the names given to their cores.

Jumi Groups

While Jumi existed all over the world, most lived in the forests of Fa'Diel during the early years of the Cleft, under the leadership of Diana, in Orbonne. After the death of Diana and the Clarius Pyrin, conflict in Orbonne would cause the Jumi to over time faction off into 3 groups: Those who chose to follow the new leaders of Orbonne could stay. Those who chose to follow their traditions were exiled. When the exiled group was hunted by outside forces for their cores, they split again between those stuck to their tradition and those who did not, both disappearing from sight.

It is rumored that a group of travelers that has recently appeared wandering Fa'Diel may be associated with the exiled Jumi.

Jumi Leaders

Date Knight & Acting Leader Core Guardian & Clarius Core
60 Diana Diamond Pyrin Pyrite
200 --- -- Pyrin Pyrite
226 Rylla Beryl Merryn Malachite
227 Ruben Ruby Esmeralda Emerald
311 Sappho Sapphire Florina Fluorite


                STR INT WIS DEX CON
Starting Stats: 11  13  13  12  16
Maximum Stats:  17  18  18  18  21

Jumi regenerate HP twice as fast as other races, and regenerate mana 33% faster, but are vulnerable to Poison and Draining.

Jumi also have a Jumi Core permanently equipped into their core slot which can be invoked to cast Core Empathy on other characters. This spell worsens the Jumi's AC by 12 temporarily to heal the target to full, dispel negative statuses, and increase the target's HP by 33% temporarily. Jumi can't use it on themselves (although they can use it on other Jumi).