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Giganto large.png


The Giganto once coexisted in Iktoa with the Gerudo. At some point, the Mana Stone of Earth turned this place into the desert but they decided to stay for some reason.

Giganto are somewhat rare these days, and most of them are in Gigan Hold.


                STR INT WIS DEX CON
Starting Stats: 13  11  13  11  17
Maximum Stats:  19  16  17  16  21

Giganto have a resistance to Earth-type attacks, but are vulnerable to Cold. They are also the only playable Large-sized race.

They have the unique ability to wield two-handed weapons in one hand due to their large size, leaving the other hand free for a shield, held item, or dual-wielded weapon (although the secondary weapon cannot also be two-handed).

Giganto thirst about 1/3 slower than other races.


  • Giganto make exceptional Knights due to their ability to use high-damage two-handed weapons along with a shield.
  • Giganto are also excellent Warlords as they can dual-wield weapon types (and thus use those types' associated weapon skills) that other races can't use together.