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Playable races of the Cleft -- art by Demeter

Playable Race

  • Espers - Made partially of Mana instead of meat.
  • Giganto - Large and hardy beings living in the barrens.
  • Humans - Homo sapiens. You're probably one of us!
  • Hylians - Pointy-eared and wise. They come from the land of Hyrule.
  • Koopas - Hard-shelled turtles hailing from the Mushroom Kingdom.
  • Moogles - Short furry creatures with vestigial wings. They originated in caves.
  • Matangui - Fungi made sentient by Mana.
  • Pumpkinheads - Humans experimented on by the witch Deneb. They have jack-o-lanterns for heads.
  • Reploids - Sapient machines, descended from Megaman X.
  • Saiyans - They are hairy and have tails. They turn into giant apes under the full moon.
  • Kirbies - Inflatable marshmallows from the planet Popstar
  • Lobstermen - A seafood dinner with innate weaponry
  • Nui - Narcoleptic soccer balls with psychic powers
  • Ranboobs - Walking plant people, grown from seeds and covered with thorns
  • Kokiri - Kids that play in the woods and never grow up
  • Jumi - Cryptic human-shaped entities with gemstone hearts

Non-Playable Races

  • Can't play these in CoDs, but you can RP as them or whatever else you want.

Aquatic DemiHumans

The Cleft has a variety of humanoids with fish-like features.

  • Mermaids - Darling it's better, down where it's wetter
  • Sahagins - Unlike other aquatic demihumans, this creature has an entirely fishy head. Picture a bloated fish waddling around on bony flippers for feet, clutching a spear or fishing pole with webbed hands. While capable of surviving on land, it makes breathing very difficult for them
  • Zoras - Pale, somewhat slimy and with very large fins. Their heads are distinctly shaped and at first glance tend to resemble a smaller, attached fish.

Avian DemiHumans

The Cleft has a variety of humanoids with birdlike wings or other avian features.

  • Eaglemen - A man with spiky silvery white hair and a pair of feathery wings. Resides in the frigid north.
  • Harpies - Head, arms and torso of a woman, with claws and wings of bird. They live in the mountains and have horrible, high pitched vocals.
  • Rito - They have large feathery wings and pointed ears and red eyes, with bird-like feet without talons. A beak on the face is in addition to a human mouth, and seems to be used more for smelling.
  • Windcallers - Cloaked and masked birds with an obsession with dragons. Some believe they are just cult-like Rito, but they are in fact a different race.


The Beastmen mostly hail from the Beast Kingdom. They appear mostly human with some vague animal traits. When night falls, many are capable of transforming into a figure with mostly animalistic traits while still remaining humanoid. Like Saiyans, this transformation will strengthen them. They have evolved to be able to transform during any night, consequently in this state they are not as strong as a Saiyan in Oozaru mode.

Many Beastmen were raised to loathe most humans and the more humanoid races such as Hylians. Pokemon Trainers of any race are at the top of their hate list.


The chobin are a race of humanoid rats standing at an average adult height of four and a half feet. Many/all groups of chobins wrap themselves in very thick hooded form-fitting robes, which cover most of their body but leave holes for their tail and ears.

The scourge of merchants everywhere, this group of ratmen tend to live on the outskirts of society, shunned due their insatiable apetite for shinies. They originated in Luon, where they survived by raiding merchant caravans. When the Koopa Cavalry retaliated, the Chobins factioned off into different groups, identified now by the color of their hoods. Each group has grown to distrust the other and would probably steal from each other.

Hand over da CASH!

  • Yellow Hoods - Chobins that stayed behind along Luon Highway and southwest Fa'Diel. They continue their thieving lifestyle to this day.
  • Scarlet Hoods - AKA Porobin Hoods: This group fled to the dark forests of the Beast Kingdom, where they commune with nature. They'll steal from you, given the right opportunity.
  • Green Hoods - The infamous clan that wiped out most of the Cosmic Guardians. These chobins traveled far before settling in the Gigan Canyon caves. Constant assault and abuse from other Cleft denizens during their migration has hardened their souls. They were bribed by a person unknown, to help eliminate the threat of the Cosmic Guardians against the evil forces that wished to rule over Guardia. When their job was done, they were cast aside without payment.
  • Purple Hoods - These chobins settled in Dry Dry Outpost, where they decided to live a more honest life, by becoming merchants and charging travelers high prices for mediocre goods.


Deku Scrubs, also known simply as Dekus, are a tribe of small forest creatures that spit Deku Nuts at their enemies when threatened. They are plant-based creatures that have skin seemingly made of wood and hair and "clothing" made of leaves and flowers. They tent to sleep in a small flower-like tuft of foliage which they hide within when threatened. Despite their antagonistic nature they tend to be friendly, at least when they believe it to be in their own benefit.


Of odd design, the Dudbear almost appears to be an unreal creature, only fabricated by a puppeteer, as its skin appears to be made of the same cloth substance as its green-hooded work outfit. Added to this are various stitches which run along the entire body of the Dudbear, which give it more qualities of a poorly manufactured stuffed animal. It even has a pair of eyes which consist simply of large round dark shiny stones. Regardless, the Dudbear is very much a real creature of flesh and blood. Its origins remain unknown.

Dudbears have a difficult time learning other languages.

Fairies & Fey

Fairies are flying spirits of magic, often resembling little nimble females with wings. They tend to be easily frightened and avoid contact with anyone, choosing often to utilize invisibility magic or camouflage. Often times, there will be a much larger, Great Fairy in close proximity to large numbers of fairies. These Great Fairies tend to speak more openly with strangers, often because they have access to large cache of spells and enchantments to protect themselves and their colonies from danger.

The tiniest fairies are often caught and traded illegally in bottles, as sprinkling their dust on a person can heal them or temporarily imbue them with other special powers.

Some of the more curious and sociable fairies opt to become companions with the Kokiri.


People of the desert. It is said that the entire race is female, except for the one destined to rule the Gerudo, born each thousand years. It's also likely this tale was started by Gannondorf and males are rare and routinely killed. They settled in Iktoa before it became the Haunted Wastelands. During this time, Gannondorf left with a squadron of his best men to seek a way to save his people. He has not been seen in quite some time. Nabooru has taken over leadership of the Gerudo, with Aveil second in command.

The Gerudo used to live in the city of Iktoa, which is now a ruin. They now reside in a hideout in the middle of the Haunted Wasteland. Several Gerudo also left for Hyrule or other nations that would take them in, though if Gannondorf and his loyal followers have executed Gerudo caught abandoning their homeland.

They are in constant conflict with the Giganto in Gigan Hold, whom they view as traitors.


Short and stocky, goblins are close cousins to imps, usually being closer in size to the shorter humanoids like Matangui. Like imps, they come in a variety of types. Unlike imps, they are not openly mischievous, but rather serious. Still, goblins tend to be territorial and aggressive, usually claiming large swaths of wilderness as their own and willing to fight to the death over any minor dispute.

  • McNeil Goblins - Goblins in McNeil Woods in particular are strangely deformed. Many believe it's a result of a residual curse from Lea Monde.
  • Moblins - Another name given to many goblins, often the clans that run amok in Hyrule
  • Miniblins - Tiny goblins that tend to stick together in packs. They are even shorter than imps, and of all goblins tend to have the most imp-like behaviours
  • Rakshaki - Wooly goblins that roam the harshest climates in solitude. They tend to keep the pelts or other parts of monsters they kill as both clothing and trophies


A rare, but highly social race, the Goron is a large rock-like man who survives by eating rocks. They are able to taste the different flavors of rock and can probably tell you where one came from, or its innate value, which makes it more delicious.

While many Gorons were transplanted to the Cleft of Dimensions, the vast majority did not survive the harsh conditions of the first years in the Cleft.

Imps & Mystics

Ugly, populous humanoid imps thrive in many parts of the world, and come in many colors and types. They tend to have bad taste in fashion. Mystics are another name given to many imps from their dimension of origin. Nearly all groups of imps tend to choose their leaders based on brute strength, or sometimes for just being larger.

  • Green, Blue, etc Imps - They stand only two feet tall, and have heads that make up about half their height. With pointed ears, beady eyes, a heavy brow ridge, and a strange groove down the center of their skulls instead of hair, they are not counted among nature's most attractive creations. They come in a variety of colors.
  • Bog Imps - Half the size of other imps, these dudes have little wings, are fast and poisonous, and thrive in swamps.
  • Chibi-Devils & Demi-Imps - Half the size of other imps, these dudes resemble tiny demons with bat wings. They tend to wield tiny pitchforks and are adept at avoiding damage by being extra sneaky or teleporting short distances.

Gremlins - Skinny and hunchbacked, they are hidden in the darkest corners of the earth. They tend to be much larger than imps and have very long arms.


Possibly not a real race: no one will ever know because these folks, commonly referred to as Shy Guys, always are completely concealed in single-color cloth robes and a white expressionless mask. They are known to be quite immature, and the Kamenbito also avoid speaking to anyone that isn't Kamenbito. They come in a variety of flavors and like to accessorize.

  • Shy Guys - Your typical masked shy guy who won't speak with anyone without a Shy Guy Mask.
  • Snifits - Shy Guys that can shoot Bullet Bills out of the mouth slot in their mask.
  • Spookums - Snifits in training, somehow enamored with Booster
  • Flamer Guy - A Shy Guy that is ON FIRE
  • Fly Guy - Has a propeller on his head that allows flight
  • Shy Away/Beezo - Shy Guys with fairy wings that love nature and possibly stabbing things with their spears
  • Bandit Guy - You gotta watch out for the quiet ones


Large hairy apes that have the ability to walk upright (in varying degrees). They are able to speak, and most have the last name Kong, though it is unknown if they are actually all related. Kongs have an insatiable love of bananas.


Krokodile humanoids with partikularly nasty personalities. Disliked nearly universally, for the most part they tend to roam the outskirts of sivilization. Many Kremlings have taken to bekoming pirates, either at sea or in some kases, outer spase. They tend to speak with thikk aksents.

Mr. Saturns

These guys are just strange. Friendly, but strange.


Humanoid cat people. Often ending up in the merchant business. Popular with teen girls.


Humanoid sharks are occasionally spotted by civilians. They usually appear dressed as pirates, though there isn't much of a record of them pillaging ships. Supposedly they have an underwater vessel somewhere.


Very similar to Fairies, except many Sprites cannot fly and are magically attuned specifically with nature and the seasons. Also unlike Fairies, many sprites cannot use magic directly, but are capable instead of allowing objects or small areas to become enchanted.

  • Harvest Sprites - These tiny creatures thrive in nature and usually are only seen when they choose so. They have an intense fear of technology and robots, and love to play music and dance. The Harvest Goddess is a very old human-sized Harvest Sprite - it takes eons for a Harvest Sprite to get that large.
  • Sproutlings - Humanoid plant creatures that act aloof and naive. They are able to channel mana (or imagination as they say) to enhance the growth of plants. It is said Sproutlings are direct descendants of the Mana Tree.
  • Flowerlings - Humanoid flower creatures that act aloof and naive. They are able to convert plant life into magic. They tend to have a knack for small business


These hardy folks have dwarf-like stature, but with a walrus head and tusks, obviously. Their fat reserves and natural toughness have allowed them to easily adapt to the coldest environments, and have chosen the northern frosty forest as their home. While they avoid technology, the walrusmen do not openly dislike it, but they spend most of their past time in the wilderness, either hiking, boating or fishing.


  • Aliens - But what is considered "alien" to the Cleft?
  • Medusas - do not invite them to your birthday party
  • Kobolds - hairy dog-reptilians of southern Fa'diel
  • Cactuars - Animated cacti!
  • Shinma - Manipulative demons who pose as humans
  • Tonberries - Cave dwellers
  • Vampires - cursed beings that drain the blood and life force of others to survive



Super rare and shy singing and dancing flowers. They are among the most rare creatures of the Cleft, and their petals are coveted. Dayzees have adapted to the Cleft to be brutal combatants, but really wish to be left alone and will run away when given the chance. All species have mastered Teleportation magic.

  • Amazy Dayzee - A golden daisy of immense worth and immense pain
  • Crazee Dayzee - Constantly confused and prone to accidents
  • Hayzee Dayzee - Constantly stoned, and seem to have made friends with puffy clouds called Fuzzy


No specific racial characteristics. Pokemon came from a dimension where one race had enslaved the others and forced them to battle each other for viewing pleasure. This tradition has weakened the Pokemon in question to universally be vulnerable to Tame.


The Slimes are a common and adaptable group of creatures, capable of living in literally any habitat, and ranging in size from the gigantic Lime Slime down to tiny slimes as big as a raindrop.

The common feature between all slimes is the lack of internal structure. Most of them have no organs of any kind. Generally they can, if divided, survive and grow back to full size. Given a proper environment, there seems to be no limit to how small a piece can live. The tiniest piece is capable of acting as a brain, stomach, muscle, or anything else, all at the same time!

Some slimes are known to evolve quickly, adapting to the ever changing environment of the Cleft. Some slimes have evolved to the point of becoming intelligent speaking creatures. There is an encyclopedia in the Viorar Library that focuses on slimes.


The violent and unpredictable nature of the Cleft has led to the death of many creatures. While most souls descend into the Underworld on death, some don't always make it.

  • Frigid Maidens & Revenant Souls - The souls of those that perished in the far icy north of Guardia still remain. Perhaps tied to the residual magic of the wars that occurred here in the past.
  • Anubis, Poes & Wasteland Wraiths - Souls of those that passed in the early chaotic years of the Cleft are drawn to the structure created for them called the Spirit Temple. Souls that perished in the cursed desert around the area wander still, waiting for release.
  • Shadoles - Souls that exist in the Underworld usually resemble themselves when they were living. However, those that refuse to pass on into the next phase, either through rebirth, ascension, descension or annihilation will instead eventually transform into a shadole, having forgotten who they were when they were alive.



    • Bound Wolf
    • Cerberus Wolf
    • Hell Hounds
    • Howlers
    • Frostifur
    • Nibel Wolf


  • Arthropods
    • Beetles
    • Bizarre Bugs
    • Buzz/Bomb Bees
    • Crawlers, Mega-Crawlers
    • Crabs
  • Birds
    • Crows (mostly of the spiteful variety)
    • Chocobos
    • Cockatrices
    • Cuccos
    • Eggatrices
    • Rippers
    • Gongheads
    • Goonies
    • Mallards
    • Needlebeaks
  • Dragons
    • Dragon Worms
    • Mana Dragons
    • Tiamats
    • White Dragons
  • Elemental Constructs
    • Magma elementals
    • Crag elementals
    • Zephyr elementals
    • Eddy elementals
    • Eclipse elementals
    • Leaf elementals
    • Rock golems
    • Plague golems
    • Geo-guardians
  • Morphs
    • Marmablues
  • Plants
    • Piranha Plants
    • Ptooies
    • Smilaxes
    • Snapdragons
    • Trap Flowers
  • Poltergeists
    • Armos
    • Dainslaif
    • Iron Knuckles
    • Monster Chests
    • Orb Users
    • Remo-Con
  • Rabbits
    • Rabites
    • Rabilions
    • Silktails
  • Undead
    • Dragon Lich
    • Floormasters
    • Vampires
    • Wallmasters
    • Zombies