Gigan Hold

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Gigantos Stronghold
A wall somewhere
Source: Various
Builder: Pisces, Ageatii
Level Range: 61-65
Linked: Yes

Gigan Hold is what's left of an ancient city full of Giganto. There are still a bunch living there. It exists within a canyon wall, accessible from both the Haunted Wasteland and Gigan Canyon.


c235 - Giganto Stronghold construction begins in secrecy.

237 - Giganto Stronghold construction is completed and all the Giganto are invited to abandon the Gerudo for this new home.

289 - Gerudo attempt to invade the Stronghold and fail miserably.


The Stronghold was built into the walls of the canyon, an impressive feat itself. There is a reservoir deep inside of it, which bears a supposed infinite supply of water, thanks to an artifact passed down to the leader.


The main entrance to Gigan Hold is somewhere in the Haunted Wastelands. They also have a back door, though people without the mark of the Gigantos will not be allowed this way.


The fortress city is meant to house Gigantos only, though some Gorons have also settled here.

Law, Government, and Politics

The giganto had once formed an alliance with the Gerudo, but since Iktoa dried up, the two groups went their separate ways. The Stronghold is generally open only to citizens, and has strong defenses from any possible invasion from the Gerudo, which they see as enemies now.

Their first and current leader is an old guy named Kildhu.


A young giganto once ran into a human boy in the canyons. The human boy claimed to be wearing a heroic medal and proceeded to explain how the giganto could become a hero as well:

- Gain the leader's trust!

- Return a stolen treasure!

- Help out the less fortunate!

The Great Explorer Luigi Says

Luigi.jpg "Luigi wishes the Giganto were more trusting. Explorers can't enter the stronghold unless they prove-a themselves worthy.