The Veldt

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The Veldt
Mr. Thou not included.
Source: Final Fantasy 3
Builder: Versalia & Kuponzaa
Level Range: 36-40
Linked: Yes

The Veldt is a sprawling grassland which takes up a large portion of central Fa'Diel.


A popular sight on the Veldt is the random giant spire sticking out of the ground that no one seems to care about.


Located east of the Oreyndur Forest and south of Mabe Village, the Veldt is a necessary place to pass through for travelers heading for Guardia.


Flying arclings, protective Buffalax, and giant moogle eating Behemoths make up the population here. It is also a popular place for Hunters to find prey to hang on their walls.

Law, Government, and Politics

The Veldt is part of Fa'Diel but no government force polices it. There's only one rule in the wild: eat or be eaten.


An unusual boy has been seen wandering around the Veldt seemingly troubled about something. Perhaps someone can assist him?

The Great Explorer Luigi Says

Luigi.jpg "The Buff-alax will assist one another in-a fight, so Luigi takes them out when they're a-lone. Behemoths go berserk after-a while, which will restore their energy. Blizzara materia from Cosmo Canyon is-a good thing to use a-gainst the hunters.