Mabe Village

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Mabe Village
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Source: Link's Awakening
Builder: Benamas
Level Range: 21-36
Linked: Yes

Mabe Village is in Fa'Diel. It is near the Sulfataska Mountains, The Veldt, and McNeil Woods.


There's some kind of shrine that is not in use and a house equipped with a high tech crane game! Local stores sell farming clothes and healing supplies too.


Mabe Village is a frequent stop for travelers as one must pass through it to cross between Fa'Diel and Guardia. It connects the Sulfataska Mountains, The Veldt, and McNeil Woods together.


Human villagers and cuccos live here. The kids are always playing outside while an old man enjoys toying with his phone.

Law, Politics, and Government

The villagers tend to themselves for their daily needs, but Mabe Village is in Fa'Diel territory.


Grounded for mischief, a boy idled about in his room one day when a blue cucco flew through his window and began asking him questions:

- Have you gotten the best prize from the Trendy Game?

- Given a Yoshi Doll to Mamahl's baby?

- Returned a child's missing BB Gun?

- Rescued Madam Meowmeow's pet?

- And made a cell phone call to Grandpa Ulrira?!

The Great Explorer Luigi Says

Luigi.jpg "Luigi was able to score-a good handful-a healing potions while playing the crane game! The local store sells a-ffective potions too for explorers heading into McNeil Woods. Blue Cuccos contain lots-a meat, perfect for Luigi's Cucco Spaghetti!"