Saturn Valley

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Saturn Valley
Ab saturnvalley.jpg
Source: Earthbound
Builder: MTSowbug
Level Range: 10+
Linked: Yes

Saturn Valley is a secluded little town in a valley near the Cave of Waterfalls.

It is the home of Mr. Saturn.


Culture in Saturn Valley is considered to be quite exotic and worth the trip for tourists in the area.


One can reach Saturn Valley by sticking towards the northeast side of the Cave of Waterfalls.


Many Mr. Saturns live here alongside some crazy ducks and Dr. Andonuts.

Law, Government, and Politics

Though the valley is on Guardia territory, the Mr. Saturns keep to themselves.


After exchanging a series of "Boing!" and "Zoom!"'s, a pair of Mr. Saturns once discussed their plans for the day:

- Get an ATM card.

- Help realize Mr. Saturn's dreams of baseball.

- Prune the local ghost.


The Great Explorer Luigi Says


"Mr. Saturns are-a bit tougher than they look. New explorers should always be prepared for the un-expected. A big bug always seems to guard the entrance of the valley, so Luigi has to squish it before he can enter. Boing!"