Cave of Waterfalls

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Cave of Waterfalls
Very wet. Definitely very wet.
Source: Secret of Mana
Builder: Zephyr
Level Range: 6-10
Linked: Yes

The Cave of Waterfalls is a moist cave system north of the Rabite Forest. It opens up into Saturn Valley and the Gigan Canyons.


303 - Because of the inadequacy of the armed forces in the area, the Mana Stone of Light is sent away from the Cave of Waterfalls to Manmon on the other side of the world, who promises to hide and protect the stone from the invading army of the time..for a price. The Spirit Lumina agrees. These events were the foundation for a push to arm more citizens within the towns of Guardia.


Well, the Mana Stone of Light USED to be here. Now there's waterfalls and stuff.


The various winding paths of the caves connect Saturn Valley and the Gigan Canyons with the rest of the world.


Nobody really lives here. There's some bats and goblins that run around. For some reason the caves have a zombie problem. There's also a giant spider monster in the back that eats adventurers, so watch out.

Law, Government & Politics

This area is under the domain of Guardia.


An adventurer once beat a zombie to a pulp, all the while listening to it groan and ask questions as it died for good:

- Have you battled Full Metal Hagger?

- Tried your hand at mining?

- Or found the secret hideout?

The Great Explorer Luigi Says

Luigi.jpg "Fire, Holy, and Light elemental a-ttacks work well here, but not-a many new explorers have those. Luigi would buy some Fire Rings and Ray Rings from Crysta if he needed an-extra push. There's-a more to these caves than there seems to be..perhaps a-nother entrance can be found somewhere?"