Booster Tower

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Booster Tower
The lobby!
Source: Super Mario RPG
Builder: dataAndrew, Ageatii, Benamas
Level Range: 16-20
Linked: Yes

Booster Tower is a wooden tower build along the north side of the road between Truce and Rocket Town, owned by Booster. Due to the owner's fascination with magical toys and knack for hiring incompetent henchmen, the tower is full of monsters and treasure, making an excellent training ground for level 16-20 adventurers.


324 - Booster decides to move out of Truce's city limits because of their "anti-beetle hunting policy." He sells all his assets to construct a gaudy tower just outside of Truce.

325 - Booster Tower construction is complete. A huge party is thrown in the tower halls to commemorate the triumph - all of Truce and Rocket Town is invited. A freak accident involving a jump rope and a thousand stuffed-toy jigglypuffs cuts the party short.

326 - In one year, Booster is cited for 312 noise violations and 192 smell violations by Truce. When voluntarily coming to the Truce Council to address the violations, Booster catches a young woman (name withheld) who drunkenly fell out of her second story window. They immediately marry and go back to the tower, much to the dismay of her parents.

327 - After several conflicts with the woman's family and her return home, Booster signs the Bundt Contract with Truce. Truce has it's first peaceful night of sleep in 2 years.

328 - Another young woman, Valentina, falls out of the sky into Booster's arms, convinces Booster to marry her and give her partial ownership of the tower.



There is a town built entirely of large LEGOs hidden somewhere inside Booster Tower. It's a bright happy fun place and you need to crawl into a box to get there.


Booster Tower is within walking distance from Truce! It is on the way through the road that connects Truce and Rocket Town.



Booster keeps a large staff of Spookums and Shyguys - small robed people who wear masks to cover their identities. Those kamenbito who Booster has the most fun with get promoted to Snifit status. There are currently Snifits 1 to 4.

Magical Constructs

Many weird creatures wander the halls of the tower, including Bob-ombs (walking bombs) and Remo-Con, (walking wood puppets). They just want to play, but they play hard.

Law, Government, and Politics

Booster Tower is owned by Booster (70%) and Valentina (30%).

After signing the Bundt Contract, Booster was allowed to run whatever operations he wanted inside his tower, as long as they didn't cause "public nuisance." Under the contract, Booster Tower receives annual visits from Truce to ensure that nothing -too- wacky is going on inside.


Two kamenbito once discussed ideas on how to become Snifit 5 someday. They put together a list that would later be carried away by mischievous beetles:

- Have you made it to the top floor?

- Found Booster's lost item?

- Bested a clown in a guessing game?

- Helped the puppet ringers?

The Great Explorer Luigi Says

Luigi.jpg "Luigi is-a patient enough to wait for-a Blindness to pass on its own, but he always keeps-a few Oral Eyedrops from Truce handy just in case he needs them. Kamenbito shoot things at-a Luigi after attacking him, so he eats-a mushroom to stay healthy."