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Unknown Location

February 5 of the year 323

Undine's Day

I've have been in this dimension for 4 years, I have grown a lot since I drop into Truce. I have battled many enemies and learn much about this dimension. I notice that is always changing. Yet living in the dimension for the past years seems to be all-ordinary to me. I've yet to learn how to get back into my dimension and report all of these wonders to my sensei.

I have learned that there are powerful wizards living in this dimension especially Magus. I though he was that one wizard that knows how to open the rift back to my dimension. Sadly though I had to try and kill him, since he threatened the Ying and Yang balance of everything. Even though I was sure my attacks struck true, Magus survive and banished me from his tower. I must find a way back in and finish what was started.

However, that same day, when I returned to Truce, I had a most unusual encounter. I went to meet the armory master, Mr. Moti, to have my armor repaired. As I was removing it, a voice, that was not Moti's rang out.

"I see its mark on you. You're supposed to be one of my Chosen."

"Ah welcome Mr. Saneron, how may I be assistance to you?"

"Nothing much just mend my boots."

" Aye sir." said Mr. Moti as he took my body armor and Saneron's shoes.

I eyed the newcomer warily, not sure that I liked him looking me over for any marks.

"And don't clean them!" Saneron called after the merchant. "The dust is holy, and must remain on them!"

"So what are the Chosen?" I asked.

From there Saneron explained to me about his guild, The Chosen, and by the time our gear was ready, I had decided to join up.

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