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The Surface of the Cleft is spherical like any normal planet but there are some things that hang in the heavens high above.

It's not certain whether these celestial bodies are truly celestial bodies or whether they are just illusions/constructs/mana spirits. Theoretically, the dimension of the Cleft should extend infinitely into the void, so, at the very least, we have room for any celestial bodies we like. Note: even if the void is infinite, it doesn't mean that the whole thing is filled with stars! Any stars that are in the Cleft are probably either created by the immortals or brought here from other dimensions in the cataclysmic events that created this place.

Note that Final Weapon is somewhere in space, in orbit.


The Cleft has a series of constellations, and the visible constellations vary depending on what time of year it is. Here are our current constellations:

  • North Star, Raphael the Raven
  • The Sword of Mana
  • The Pool of Stars
  • Fortissimo the fallen
  • The Chimes of Aquilon
  • Queen Diana of diamonds
  • Chain of Hope, Sarai's brilliantly shining constellation

The Moon

The Cleft also has a moon. The lunar cycle is 27 days. The new moon occurs on the 1st day of the cycle and the full moon occurs on the 14th day. These are hardcoded facts.

The moon is an actual physical body which can be traveled to. At least one area (Lunar Subterrane) is set there.

For more information, see Time.

The Sun

A sun also appears to be in the Cleft's outer space. It works like any regular sun, rising in the east and setting in the west. Solar luminosity is pretty much constant throughout the Cleft, weather aside.