Bequerel Mine

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Bequerel Mine
What's mine is ores.
Source: Star Ocean 3
Builder: Umbraunt
Level Range: 11-15
Linked: Yes

The Bequerel Mines are a series of caves in the Myrkur Mountains, accessible through a brief walk from the east gate of Viorar. It is one of the primary sources of income and resources for Viorar. The mine's primary resources are copper and a special rock that emits light, which is heavily used by those who live under the influence of the nearby night-rendering Mana Stone of Moon.


95 - A small mine, Bequerel is established.

110 - Bequerel Mine enjoys rapid expansion as the nearby city of Viorar attracts prospectors.

230 - Bequerel Mine is opened for public use.

295 - Construction crews complete digging project that creates a clear path through the mountains, from Viorar to Bequerel to Chimp Caverns to Arlia.


There isn't much to see in the mines, other than the ore that laborers have been digging up. Several mine shafts have been abandoned over the years as they have been used up. Supposedly one of these mine shafts has a secret tunnel.


Bequerel Mine has a main tunnel that cuts straight through the Myrkur Mountains. It connects to another set of caverns called the Chimp Caverns, which in turn connect to the east side of the mountain range, into Arlia. Travel through the tunnels is theoretically faster than going across the Luon Highway, but is not recommended for those not hauling all their things on their own person, as the eastern caverns are poorly maintained and often reach dangerous air quality levels.


Nobody lives in the mines, but many people work there. A few small hard-hat robots constantly dig in the mine and various small rock-like animals call this place home.

Law, Government, and Politics

Bequerel Mine is owned by private investors located in Viorar and operated by city planners. Though the mines are open for public use, the vast majority of diggers are employed by the city.


Surrounded by rocks, a miner was flled with DETERMINATION as he thought to himself:

- I will mine the motherlode!

- And find a merchant's secret spot!

The Great Explorer Luigi Says

Luigi.jpg "Rock Chameleons are-a good source of Invisibility potions. Ice elemental works well here, and don't forget to pack-a pickaxe!