Chimp Caverns

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Chimp Caverns
Chimp Caverns!
Source: Donkey Kong Country
Builder: Ageatii
Level Range: 21-25
Linked: Yes

A series of caves east of Bequerel Mine and west of Arlia.


A while ago, these caves were dug up to better connect Viorar to the rest of central Fa'Diel. For a while, trade relationships between Viorar and the podunk town of Arlia thrived, and Arlia especially prospered because of this trade route. Eventually, the caves were expanded too far, and became unstable. Rockslides occur frequently here and poisonous fumes have been unleashed from the earth. Because of this, very few people travel this route anymore, and Arlia consequently has suffered economically.


It's hard to see in here because it's dark and full of fog.

There is a rumor that something deep in the Cleft connects to these caverns.


The caverns are a straightforward set of caves the connect to the Bequerel Mine and Arlia. These caverns are very unstable due to frequent cave-ins and poisonous fumes seeping in, so merchants and travelers generally avoid going through them to travel between Viorar and Arlia unless they're pretty hardy adventurers.


Contrary to its name, very few apes live in the caverns. Mostly low-life vermin inhabit the areas. Some Kremlings (humanoid lizards) have evolved to naturally resist these harsh environments.

Law, Government and Politics

Originally, both Viorar and Arlia participated in the creation of these caverns, but when things sent downhill, the Viorar funders abandoned ship.

This region is overrun with wild monsters, and no one bothers to regulate it anymore. The mayor of Arlia has recently ordered the east end of the caverns boarded up.


A beaver once strolled through the mines in search of food until it was flattened by falling rocks. In its last breath, it lamented its failed goals in life:

- I never defeated Master Necky..

- Or animal buddy..

The Great Explorer Luigi Says

Luigi.jpg "Watch for falling debris blocking the path and pack extr-a lights. Earth, Cold, Light, and Wood elementals will come in handy. A good explorer knows his escape route when exploring gets dangerous!"