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Arranged wrong but you get the idea!
Source: A Mystery
Builder: Benamas
Level Range: 26-30
Linked: Yes

Arlia is a small mining town in Fa'Diel, connected via mining tunnels to the Chimp Caverns and a dusty road to the Coronar Lowlands.


Arlia started out as a small trading post for miners to buy equipment and sell their findings from the mines to the west. Over many years, as the mines prospered, a town grew to support the growing industry.

Arlia was incorporated into Fa'Diel in the year 308, when it was ordered to hold an election for a mayor to represent and manage the community. Mayor Regis was elected and has held the position since then.


The local shops have all sorts of equipment and goods catering to adventurers around level 25 or so.

There is also a bar with dancing girls! woo!

Law, Government, and Politics

Has a mayor and sheriff. Falls under the jurisdiction of Fa'Diel.