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The Cleft of Dimensions is constantly being updated, poked, prodded, and tweaked. To keep everyone informed of the various changes, the Immortals semi-regularly post Change Notes in-game. This page will copy those notes as well.

2023 Change Notes

Changes 23 Jan 23

  • skill-granting affects from blue magic should stack now, vastly reducing affects spam for vampires moving forward
  • selling wands can no longer cause a divide by zero error (thank goodness nobody triggered this)
  • you should no longer lose current HP when the Courage spell wears off, unless you were over your original maximum
  • fleeing from a single enemy that is blinded, or a group of enemies who are ALL blind, is more likely to succeed
  • the store value of partially-expended Light type items is reduced based on the amount of light left in them
  • OG jump skill renamed to dragoonjump (replaced in old player files)
  • attack up now has a greater chance to dispel attack down when charged
  • heat metal now only actually destroys your money if you fail a save vs fire --and also tells you when this happens
  • protection good and protection evil now have durations that depend on caster level and no longer grant a -1 saves bonus
  • restore mana now has a different message when the target's mp is FULLY restored
  • duration of blazing shield, aurum aegis, and soulblade now scales with level
  • new skill solar flare (quest reward from butter building; if you already completed this quest go back and TOUCH the moon stone)


  • alist command no longer crashes the game
  • also, more spells can be Charged:
  acid blast, thunder, thundara, thundaga, blizzard, blizzara, blizzaga, fire, fira, firaga, judgment, shadow step, leeches (+25% damage)
  quezacotls wrath (+25% damage, except when bouncing back to the caster)
  heat metal (+25% damage, but does not change amount of money melted)
  magic missile (increases chance of more hits)
  charm, tame, hypnotize, detect evil, detect good, detect hidden, detect invis, detect magic, faerie fog, float, infravision, pass door, bio, bio 2, protection good, protection evil, detect alignment (doubled duration)
  invis, nayrus love, protect, blazing shield, soandso's favour, aurum aegis, death pact, intimidate, shelter, soulblade, inflame, scarecrow funk (+50% duration)
  attack up, attack down, haste, slow (+50% duration, increased chance to dispel opposite spell)
  cure, cure 2, cure 3, restore movement (+25% healing)
  blind (increased hit chance, increased hitroll penalty from -15 to -25)
  change sex, sleep, influenza, frozen touch, haunt, sprain, osmosis, confusion,
  burn, fear, daze, confusion, (increased chance to hit)
  antidote, uncurse, cure bleeding, cure osmose (improved dispel success rate)
  enchant weapon, enchant armor, recharge (very slightly improves success rate)
  resurrect (doubles zombie lifespan, about +25% hp)
  skeleton crew (about +20% hp)
  phantom motorcycle (ya like flying motorcycles, kid?)
  summon minighost (2x hp)

note: i dont know how to meaningfully improve these spells via charge:

  floating disc, angel whisper, white wind, arcane lock, general purpose, high explosive, junction spells, bide, plague swarm, dust storm, quicksand, hell ivy, hp rain, skylight, grease, conjure instrument, drunkify, soberify

note2: the following spells simply have no quantitative effect to charge:

  detect poison, teleport, scan, locate object, summon, word of recall, exit, farore's wind, enslave, augment golem, read magic, mokuton

note3: making this improve with charge feels too abusable for some reason:

  restore mana, wizen

note4: the following pseudospells are only used by NPCs and shall not be chargeable:

   aperture schism, sumhlpspl, gas breath

note5: this isn't every spell in the game yet, there are more in magic3.c that i didn't get to


Changes 17 Jan 23

  • created water springs should actually for real decay eventually now
  • remorting players now get to choose their alignment during remort, like first-time priests
  • instead of being worth 1/4 their regular cost, fully-depleted noexplode wands and staffs are now worth 1/(max charges) their normal cost.
  • event items that use charges now also scale their shop value based on remaining charges
  • the penalty for selling the same item to the same shop has been decreased from 25% per item to 10% per item (50% to 25% for regular inventory), with a hard floor of 1/4 the normal sell value
  • if your character is VERY low int and attempting to practice a VERY difficult skill, it is no longer possible to use a practice for zero percent gain
  • the game will no longer crash on reboot in certain situations where a builder has goofed up a room's resets; instead, it will quietly destroy the offending resets
  • if you learned a skill over 30 levels ago, you can use practices at a GREATLY diminished rate (1/8 usual, min 1%) to raise it further to 100%
  • the Sour Mouth spell now has an echo in addition to the status effects it attempts to apply
  • attempting to cast Charge on someone already charged no longer says YOU are charged
  • Life Support now shows a status effect in the combat panel while you are under the effect of its mana cost increase
  • resurrected zombies should have the gas breath attack mentioned in the helpfile


  • "key -1" now works correctly and doesn't crash the mud
  • mobs with the OFF_BERSERK flag will no longer use berserk unless under 1/4 HP
  • new flag OFF_GASBREATH, causes mob to occasionally use Sour Mouth in combat with no lag or mana cost (will expend a Charge though)
  • area0.are and dimcorr.are seemed to have the same vnum range and content... i have removed area0.are from the areas list to get the mud to boot


Changes 03 Jan 23

  • The Resurrect spell now correctly flags the zombie as undead instead of the caster.


2022 Change Notes

Changes 12 Oct 22

  • whirlwind skill% was being raised entirely too fast
  • manashield can no longer be toggled while asleep


  • New wiznet channel "logs", shows everything that goes to the server logfile but in realtime


  • The server OS has been updated to Ubuntu 22.04.01
  • The GCC version has been updated and the -fcommon compiler option needed to be added to the makefile


Changes 15 June 22

Building off a new version of the GPTuna engine that brought us the Orbs of Escher and the Ancient Cave, the Dimensional Corridor is now linked. Intended primarily as a building assistant, the Dimensional Corridor lets you write a room description (or two, or three) and, overnight, will riff on your input and produce twenty similar room descriptions as output. Suffering from writer's block or just want to expand on some ideas? The Corridor is here for you!

Because the Dimensional Corridor can only accommodate three inputs per day, it is currently linked in an out-of-the-way location (it's in the Monotoli Building). If you find it, feel free to give it a spin!


Changes 17 May 22

  • a non-private playerhouse with "everyone" as a secondary owner, can be edited by anyone
  • the cooldown on Halo was half what it should be for most characters
  • lobsterman eskrima practicioners can now use riposte bare-handed (bare-clawed?)
  • trance no longer creates an extra line in 'affects'


  • Non-Giganto Knights now receive a warning about two-handed weapon types during the weapon selection part of character creation
  • the Courage spell can now be refreshed/"topped off" before it expires
  • the Courage spell can now be charged for 1.5x the effect
  • the Courage spell no longer has a cooldown
  • new AFF2 flag: whirlwind
  • new skill: whirlwind (knights receive at level 15)
  • new spell: Heroics (knights receive at level 20)
  • knights receive the shield slam skill at level 1 instead of 3
  • knights receive the retort skill at level 3 instead of 10
  • knights receive the rescue skill at level 5 instead of 10
  • knights receive the vigilance skill at level 7 instead of 5
  • knights receive the Courage spell at level 10 instead of 15
  • knights receive the sizeup skill at level 12 instead of 20
  • knights receive the ration skill at level 20 instead of 10
  • knights no longer receive the bash skill

a couple tweaks to how Courage and Heroics behave when Charge'd will take effect after the next copyover


Changes 08 Apr 22

  • maybe finally fixed a crash bug involving Fling'd weapons
  • The following spells can be now charged for some kind of greater effect:

Create Booze, Create Rose, Create Spring, Create Water, Create Food, Illuminate, Create Instrument, Midas Glow, Phantom Cloak, Abundance

  • the 'critical' weapon flag now appears in Scan/examine/info
  • when consuming food and beverages, you will receive a warning that you are starting to feel full when you hit 30 (the "you are full" message still appears at 40 as usual)


  • the 'critical' weapon flag (3x critical chance) can now be set in oedit and not only by Scathe Saber


Changes 17 Mar 22

  • info <item> in a shop now shows you the extra desc also
  • you can now choose "random" during most steps of character creation
  • you can no longer choose defunct classes during remort


Changes 04 Feb 22

  • fixed the crit rate of the Gem Missile spell (was WAY too high)
  • casting leeches on yourself as a desperate way to remove poison will now only deal negligible damage
  • Chocobo Forest is linked (thanks Ademisk!!!!!!!!)


2021 Change Notes

Changes 08 Dec 21

  • the mogdance skill now works in "mount2" sector rooms (same effect as regular mountain)
  • magitek factory is marginally less brutal overall
  • the "ring" wands in crysta have triple the charges but are slightly more expensive
  • faerie fog aka faerie fire reveals hidden entities too now


  • a { at the beginning of a mobprog line shouldn't make the MUD crash at boot time anymore

... plus other things we've probably forgotten


Changes 12 Oct 21

  • fixed a broken exit from freeza's ship's engine room
  • the imp captain is no longer attackable
  • 'page' is now a synonym for the 'scroll' command
  • 'suplex' has more varied output messages depending where it is used (functions the same)


  • the discordutil, questquery, rename, vape, pload, punload, copyover, and pwreset commands have in-game helpfiles now
  • "force gods" has been removed
  • "force players" now includes level 100 characters
  • the 'video' command has been removed (was a duplicate of 'snoop')
  • the 'prefix' command has been removed (why did it exist)


Changes 18 Sep 21

  • Steal now tells you if the item you tried to steal can't be stolen, so you try to steal coins or items instead
  • Attempting to open a locked door will also tell you if you are able to unlock it
  • You can no longer pick already-unlocked portals
  • Attempting to pick a portal, container, or exit, when you have the key or the door doesn't need one, tells you that, if you fail
  • Various typos fixed


Changes 22 Aug 21

  • mushroomize and zombie should no longer color-bleed when they wear off
  • 'pet' option removed from necromancer NPCs
  • the normal 'corpse' necromancer option will now also grab pet corpses
  • more typos fixed
  • the wutai bank now has lockers


Changes 7/15/21

  • notes posted in the game get reposted on Discord
  • 'typo' command added for quickly reporting typos
  • Syphon now has a 2-pulse cooldown and has better output for immune targets
  • 'risk' now affects autoattack accuracy and damage in combat


  • a 'mudlet' configuration command has been added
  • sound can be globally (i.e., not just chat) disabled with 'mudlet sound'
  • secondary (chat) panel height can be specified, e.g. 'mudlet height 13'
  • tertiary panel font size shrinks to fit desired secondary panel height
  • panels should resize themselves more reliably
  • screen layout preferences save on exit
  • updated CoD's icon and desc for Mudlet's brand new package manager


Changes 02 Jul 21

  • fixed erroneous output when attempting to cast Extension on someone whose affects have already been extended
  • if you are fighting multiple mobs and your current target dies, you no longer "lose" a round of combat before auto-retargeting occurs
  • putting a corpse in a locker should no longer corrupt your inventory and crash the game when it decays, because now it won't fully decay while in the locker
  • getting money from a corpse/chest should no longer give glitch output
  • fixed MANY typos and color bleeds and stuff in areas (thanks ryrol)
  • fixed color bleeds after turning grats or ooc off/on (also thanks ryrol)
  • "niceguy" was implemented backwards actually, and afraid mobs might now actually flee again
  • life support is actually better when charged, now
  • bedit will now ACTUALLY save your changes when you exit the editor, instead of lying that it tried
  • new sector: Organic
  • player inventory items "stuck" inside non-containers somehow, will become automagically un-stuck at login


Changes 6/14/2021

  • Transfer and gtransfer now handle vehicles that players are riding
  • New set of vulnerability spells
  • New skill: Refashion
  • We now how the proper dark green color on the tertiary window of our mudlet plugin, with the latest verion of mudlet
  • Fixed a weird output message when typing "info" in a closed shop

For Builders

  • Clones, people, duplicates, mobhere if checks do not require that the mob can see the things being checked.
  • Fixed a bug where objhere vnum and objhere name worked differently

Changes 6-7-2021

  • ninjas no longer have a lower chance to flee than other classes, but instead are slightly better as intended
  • when Fling sticks a weapon into a foe, the line will be highlighted in yellow now
  • weight limitations to wielding weapons is correct again; ALL weapons were calculated as if they had featherweight applied, and featherweight weapons were calculated as if they did not
  • create instrument cast by immortals will now only create maximum level 100 instruments
  • "foe" and "enemy" are now keywords to unerringly target whatever you're fighting, like how "self" is always... yourself
  • the "pet" keyword now works with the 'look' command too
  • new spells 'drunkify' and 'soberify', increase/decrease drunkenness by spell level/2 (within the 0-48 range)


  • 'mob flag' now accepts 'behav' as a keyword
  • $B fixed... maybe???
  • setting an exit, portal, or container's "key" to -1 allows it to be

locked/unlocked freely


Changes 5-6-2021

The following skills are now affected by damroll:

For warriors:

  • iaido
  • hylian fencing's extra attacks
  • lunge
  • overpower
  • smash
  • hammerhand
  • riposte
  • ultra jump

For Thieves:

  • fling
  • (circle and backstab already got damroll benefits)

For Knights:

  • soulblade (both versions)
  • retort

For Dancers:

  • dance (when used offensively)
  • Self-hits from polka polka, masochism tango, or other sources of confusion, will now factor in the victim's own damroll, which generally makes these status affects more dangerous!

For people hanging on to weird skills:

  • aurablast
  • cadenza

Since the damage from these skills is nominally based on your weapon attacks, this will bring them more in line with expectations at high levels.


Changes 5-5-2021

  • mystic weapons were not working correctly
  • attempting to send a tell while 'deaf' gives a more sensical error message
  • 'moreviolence' is now a synonym for 'lessviolence'
  • your pets' kills will no longer ignore your lessviolence preference
  • healing spells wielded against the undead were double-dipping in magroll -- these will now generally do less damage if you have high magroll
  • healing spells' relationship with magroll was not subject to the normalization formula -- these will now generally do less healing if you have high magroll
  • rejuvenate and sarcosis healing were not affected by magroll at all; now they are!
  • flare star's afterdamage should no longer hit otherwise-unattackable mobs
  • fixed a bug where items would stop decaying... maybe


  • New rset field "reset"
  Takes one of two arguments "room" and "area"
  'mob rset reset room' resets the room that the mob is currently in.
  'mob rset reset area' resets the area of the room the mob is currently in.


Changes 5-3-2021

  • Comet Punch Fluff

Comet punch now factors in strength, dexterity, hitroll and damroll. This is gated by a requirement that strength and dexterity are at 16 or higher.

  * Hitroll slightly boosts the chance for the first punch
  * Dexterity and hitroll slightly boosts the chance for additional hits
  * Strength and damroll have a chance to give bonuses to damage
  * Dexterity and hitroll determines the chances of the strength/damroll damage bonus.
  * Successful bonuses are indicated by an all-caps message.

  • Double Image Fluff

Double now factors in dexterity and speed(EG haste, slow, fast, frenzy).

  * Skill success slightly increases with a dexterity of 16 or higher (higher dexterity = higher chance bonus)
  * Skill success slightly increases with speed affects (and they stack) (Fast, Frenzy, Haste)
  * Skill success slightly diminishes with Slow (still offset by other speed affects and dexterity)
   * Chance of the double being the target is slightly boosted by dexterity, if it's 16 or higher
  * Chance of double remaining after having been the target is slightly boosted by dexterity, if its 16 or higher
  • Bloodsuck doesn't work on players for now because it's crashy.


Changes 5-1-2021

  • Area if check
EG if area $i == 1 // is $i in the immortal area? 
  • New rset arguments!
  • Affects:
   consecrate or consecrate_neutral
  • save
   EG mob rset save
   flags the area of the mobs room as changed and then runs 'asave changed'
   useful for saving rset room descs etc


Changes 4-25-21

  • objects which are not necessarily flagged decaying but still under 100 condition somehow, will reveal this information when Scan/examined now
  • certain sociable mobs will no longer force the player to do socials, instead of doing the social themselves as originally intended (i.e. catching runaway dogs will no longer make YOU lick THEM)
  • the Courage spell now has a lower cost, less lag, and attempts to dispel Fear
  • fixed an issue with event items not cooling down (probably)
  • the mogdance skill was not usable due to targeting issues
  • 'Train' has much less rigid syntax now
  • oozaru will only warn you once when it's 4 pulses from wearing off
  • removed glitch output when using bedit show in a non-housing room
  • scrolls can be 'recite'd from an equipment slot, if you ended up holding one somehow
  • picking up coins from the ground no longer gives glitch output
  • act_passive mobs' hp, mana, and mv are no longer visible in combat via the tertiary window
  • disrupting weapons (like earthy) now do slightly more damage than comparable weapon flags, to account for the lack of an associated status effect
  • portal objects reveal their charges and flags (if any) when identified
  • entering a portal to a player house you live in, now works when the house is private
  • mobs with AI that are affected by Ink Blast will often take longer to find a target (effectively a 50% chance each pulse to act like they are blind)
  • mushroomize now sometimes scrambles targeting of mobs with ai and/or assist flags (50% chance to hit a random character or mob in the room, which may be the 'correct' target anyway, each time they try to assist or retarget)
  • the Pick skill will not get 'stuck' on non-portal/container objects (e.g. "pick east" attempting to unlock an easter egg instead of the exit to the east)
  • new mobprog ifcheck recentdam, e.g. if recentdam $n > 4 (returns true if $a is greater than 4, whether set by awarded xp or mob damage)
  • turning the OOC channel off now also suppresses discord ooc messages, as intended
  • new Bedit command 'sector' changes roomsector for 100 gold
  • new Bedit command 'indoors' allows toggling of indoors room flag for 50 gold


Changes 4-4-21

  • the Halo spell can now start or finish a combo (light)
  • fixed a crash bug involving gmcp
    • probably
  • weapon flags and procs of offhand weapons will fire now! this makes dual wield generally better
  • the chance of screwing up a Scroll when intelligence is under 9 now DECREASES with higher wisdom instead of increasing
  • Black Wind no longer makes Sentinel mobs flee


Changes 3-24-21

  • MSSP information no longer points to mudmagic
  • new thief characters were not getting their second weapon type selection
  • deleting a reset now flags an area as changed (so that it 'asave's properly)
  • fixed a crash bug when selling furniture in bedit
  • the following spells can now start or finish a combospell: fire, fira, firaga, blizzard, blizzara, blizzaga, thunder, thundara, thundaga, magic missile (as energy), heat metal (fire), aura blast (as innate), star rain (randomly earth, fire, or energy to finish a combo. as the element of the last hit to begin a combo)
  • none-innate Jutsu's chance to blind is now based on the victim's Saves, not the user's (?!)
  • Ancient Power was applying extra combo targeting spuriously
  • Heat Metal now uses log2 instead of log10 for its damage potential, so it will generally deal much more


Changes 2-15-21

  • bedit now flags the 'source' area as changed too; this was causing some houses to mysteriously disappear!
  • fix to the spell echoes from Infravision
  • cleared some compiler warnings
  • improvement to Rescue AI for armor golems with Junction Health
  • Dispel can now remove Titans/Alexanders/Alraunes Favour affects
  • the Geomance spell has a 10% damage bonus if used with a Terraform terrain
  • a Charged Maneater has a marginally greater chance of eating larger foes
  • a Charged Burst, Lucent Beam, Ray, Ray of Truth, Viro Plasm, Gyro Ball, Bubblebeam, Firebreath, Gastro Acid, or Thunderbolt has a slightly higher chance to apply its status effect
  • the Debilitate spell has been disabled until it can be bugfixed


Changes 1-23-21

  • bedit will automatically save your changes to area files; houses shouldn't be lost in crashes anymore
  • fixed a crash bug when attempting to log in when you are already logged in
  • website now shows the nearly current wholist again


  • MAX_CALL_LEVEL errors now reveal mob and prog vnums in the log
  • several html files that the game creates should be created in the correct directories again
  • core dumps are back...?


Changes 1-1-21

  • updated borg for compatibility with Discord Gateway v8 API
  • salient characters eventually see the MOTD when they log in
  • on character creation, Protuna users get shown art when choosing weapons
  • %d in prompts interacts correctly with commands like "climb tree"
  • fixed an area reset timing bug
  • fixed a rare game-freezing bug involving Discord

For builders:

  • fixed incorrect interpretation of flags on 'mob asset' and 'mob award'


2020 Change Notes

Changes 11-7-20

  • the five remort races are now available to new characters
  • linkdead players should no longer interfere with area repop
  • dancers can now 'dance'
  • Polka Polka moved from level 1 to level 3
  • moogle qspell 'dance' renamed 'mogdance'

For Builders:

  • some sociable non-humanoids respond to socials based on race


Changes 11-4-20

  • fixed a quest bug in faron woods
  • the %r prompt option should work correctly in dark rooms if you have infrared or darkvision now
  • more bugfixes in bedit
  • armcannons won't get WORSE at levelup anymore
  • google analytics added to the wiki... we are watching u :)
  • bugfix to the 'delete' command


  • new behav flag 'broke' wipes a mob's gold and silver when it spawns

SIDENOTE: As with most other MUDs, data to or from this game may be sent unencrypted or 'in the clear', and would be visible to anyone inclined to snoop on your network traffic. This includes your password! As a general security practice, don't use the same password for your Cleft of Dimensions character as you use for other accounts or websites, as the connection is not inherently very secure.


Changes 9-30-20

  • you can now group with players of any level
  • for XP gain, a group's effective level is based on its highest member
  • increased the XP bonuses for the first 10 levels
  • three attempts are given to input password before disconnect
  • a player's scroll setting persists on remort
  • Discord chat sync experiences fewer interruptions
  • Gem Missile has more extreme variation in damage
  • slight reskin to Darkside
  • fixed a bug that prevented lessviolent treasure chests from decaying
  • fixed a bug where pageless mode broke the replay command

For Mudlet-Protuna:

  • new characters get a different prompt and also autosort
  • it is no longer necessary to input your character name twice
  • non-compact mode works

For builders:

  • gcall command for executing call progs on groups of targets


Changes 9-21-20

  • the 'delete' command now requires your password to confirm deletion
  • LOTS of tweaks and fixes to bedit
  • new area flag 'no_housing' disables housing in that area
  • BUILDERS: please apply this to areas you don't want houses in!
  • new area flag 'restricted_housing'... does nothing yet
  • MANY areas have had their security raised to 9... as a practical effect for players, this will make cleft rift both more spicy and more reliable
  • brains once again decay properly


Changes 9-4-20

  • weapons will reveal their type even if unidentified when 'examine'd
  • fixed an issue where MUD output would be sent to the tertiary protuna window during character creation
  • new spell for use in the ancient cave (not for players or normal mobs really)
  • autosorted items are sorted by type alphabetically instead of basically random
  • formatting for an autosorted inventory is a little prettier
  • fixed bad output when failing to loot unique items from a container
  • new 'BEdit' olc mode added; access limited while in testing
  • you can enter a room with an owner set, as long as it's not also flagged private
  • but, you can no longer enter a room set to private unless you're on the owner list


Changes 8-30-20

  • players get more base MV but gain less MV/level. Same final MV at lvl 100.
  • added festival channel for communication during festivals
  • XP is gained by both parties when a presence activates
  • the message replay buffer persists even if you logout
  • a wider range of actions appear in the message backlog
  • various fixes to Mudlet-Protuna
  • infowrite shows up in chathistory
  • 'dance' is a context-dependent synonym for 'cast' or 'emote' for dancers
  • fixed a Discord desync issue


Changes 6-29-20

  • a 'Project Tuna' package has been written for Mudlet. Connect to CoD via Mudlet to get it automatically.
  • presence command added, allowing custom scripts to be run when you're AFK or linkdead. 'Help presence' for details. 'Talk' to any players you meet!
  • autoreplay mode added: toggle it to replay tells on return from AFK
  • notification of missed tells is shown on return from linkdead, not just afk
  • players of 'salient' users stay present in the world indefinitely
  • every player on the wholist is now physically present in the Cleft
  • linkdead players in combat will attempt to flee if recall fails
  • lessviolence mode added: toggle it to alter gibs and corpses
  • physical skills such as dirt kicking no longer trigger runic
  • logging off while affectted by Zombify probably no longer crashes the game
  • Gastro Acid no longer make Reploids infinitely hungry
  • forced actions no longer break afk (e.g., forced saves before copyovers)

For builders:

  • 'discordutil salience' to specify salient users
  • mpedit reports when an edited mobprog affects an event item
  • 'if enchant $o > 0' ifcheck works


Changes 6-18-20

  • Grapevine webclient now shows hp/mp/mv gauges
  • auto-logout timer reduced from 7 days to 3 days
  • fixed a bug where NPC groupmates in vehicles could cause crashes
  • fixed a bug where logging off while mushroomized crashed the game
  • fixed a bug where Discord usernames got affixed with strings of numbers
  • fixed a bug where counterattacking area attacks could crash the game
  • power surge now affects only only offensive and defensive spells
  • the "you are here" map indicator no longer ignores brief mode
  • new commands for desc editor: .sc, .la, & .lz. See .h for details

For builders:

  • rooms and furniture with 0% regeneration entirely prevent regeneration
  • infowrite shows up in chathistory
  • added festival channel


2019 Change Notes

Changes 12-29-19

  • Discord usernames containing spaces translate to correct CoD playernames
  • nochan and quiet affect yell and shout
  • auto-quit timeout length is prorated by character level
  • fixed a bug where multiple effects elapsing all at once caused weird output
  • music channels are now synchronized between CoD and Discord
  • nofollow now requires confirmation
  • nofollow no longer stops ungrouped NPCs from following you


Changes 12-18-19

  • New Areas:
  • Gringey City, 16-20 is now linked and available. It is technically the first link to Shadmire's mainland. Hooray! You'll need to find a boat there. Look for passage from some of the islands near to it. (check the atlas!)
  • Milky Well, 16-20 is now linked and available. It should be pretty straight forward to find once you find Gringey City.
  • we know the links to these areas outlevel the intended area range for the areas. Shadmire is highly a work in progress, please bear with us :)!
  • Area changes:
  • Pinata Grove: Drop rates for gems has increased (exchange rates are the same).
  • There is now a more interesting reward available for turn in after completing all three reward tiers in the Pinata and Friends Reward Program, including a small change to the original rewards tiers.
  • Goreomemu Swamp: The Bog Witch's rotting lair of frustrating maze-death has seena significant overhaul, including but not limited to, increased amounts of and more interesting item drops, wealthier mobs, more experience gains, more fantastic attractions and quests, more interactive NPCs, more locations to find, more environmental consistency, and more straightforward hints about how to handle the wasteland.
  • The area was also increased in level range entirely from 61-70 to 71-75, and all mobs and bosses were made MUCH more difficult to balance out all these pleasant-sounding additions. Bring plenty of potions and come on by!
  • World:
  • Pinata Grove is no longer accessible via Oreyndur Forest. Its location has been moved more appropriately to Shadmire.
  • Item changes:
  • Piece of Heart, Piece of Mind, and (new!) Piece of Velocity items are all automated and limited to four exchanges per type, per life (16 pieces of each). Some older pieces may not work correctly. Please ask for an Immortal's assistance if this comes up. If you've already made exchanges this life and intend to cap out, please let an Immortal know so we can properly qflag you. (I already wrote a note about this, it's just a recap, thanks.)
  • !!! Weapons en masse have been tweaked.
  • Weapons will now more be more predictable in whether or not they will be good and more consistent in their damage based on their level. Shop weapons in regular towns are all more or less slightly worse than similarly leveled weapons from quests or drops. Weapons increase in their overall average damage as levels increase in a more reliable fashion. Some weapons that were meant to be terrible are still terrible.
  • A very large amount of weapons have been added to the game in low level ranges. There are plans to continue to add weapons where there are gaps in all level ranges but it takes awhile so I'm taking a small break.
  • Not proficient in short slashing? There are now (LEGENDARY) level 1 weapons for each weapon class! The mobs that are capable of dropping them have broadened. The drop rate was slightly increased to accommodate the fact that there is now a roulette of weapon types to roll through before you're able to get one you can actually use.
  • All weapons are candidates for having been altered. This includes increases or reductions in their damdice as well as alterations of stats. Many weapons in the level 30-40ish range were buffed significantly, this was one of the largest problem areas. Of particular note, the Truce Army Knife was very substantially buffed.
  • Some weapon shop changes have occurred:
  • - Alfador Isle weapons were increased from level 30 to 35 and buffed accordingly
  • - Tonoe weapons are now the 'level 30' weapons and were buffed because they were far too weak, even for shop weapons(this is reflected on the wiki so feel free to continue to send newbies over there for this information)

Note enchanted weapons would not have rolled over to the new stats. If you have very hard or impossible to get enchanted weapons that haven't updated, it would not be unreasonable to ask for me (cooper) to help you out. However, please restrict it to your items that can no longer be obtained, are highly altered, or are restrung or otherwise not as simple to replace as finding and enchanting a new one. I understand it is inconvenient to feel like you need to replace your weapons because now their damage is (MIGHT BE) higher, but I don't think I have the patience to help set 30 people's 30 different weapons each.

- Cooper

Changes 12-2-19

  • the wholist on works over HTTPS
  • 'exits' no longer reveals room titles for certain mazelike rooms
  • when max HP/MP/MV mods wear off, current stats immediately adjust
  • fixed a bug where pets could sometimes go into trance
  • Lava Wave's smolder DoT is applied correctly
  • on Discord, certain important messages are augmented with chickens

For builders:

  • questquery is able to show more output
  • 'mob skill' no longer works with passive skills


Changes 11-29-19

  • typing 'areas' below level 6 shouldn't show you ALL the areas (unless you want it to, then do 'areas all')
  • translated a few more OLC error messages still in spanish
  • Earthquake now actually increases base damage when charged, and it has the cooldown it was always meant to have
  • Belfry pets are now act2 carrynone and can carry no objects at all
  • bugfix: Darkmatter won't cause bleeding if the caster has no blood (was: if the TARGET didn't have blood????)
  • a few spells of other classes can now be used to set up or complete a combospell:
 Ray/Ray of Truth (moon), Bramble (wood), Earthquake
 (earth), Firebreath (fire), Tsunami (water), Blam Gush (wind),
 Dins Fire (fire), Solarbeam (moon), Tornado (wind), Laser Beam
 (moon), Darkmatter (moon), Ink Blast (moon), Pearl (moon), Orb
 User (fire or wind), and Jutsu (any), 
  • Some other spells would make sense to be comboable but will be harder to do... stand by
  • Retargeting Mobs affected by Sleep should no longer scream and attack
  • Bloodsucking mobs will not change your alignment anymore
  • moon-innate Jutsu now deals Light damage, not Energy


  • $a and $B work as numerical arguments for even more ifchecks
  • $a, $B, $i, $n, $q, and $z work as STRING arguments for some checks


Area Changes 11-13-2019


  • Orbs of Escher - this area is available. The descs were written by AI and it was CoD's submission to NaMuBuMo. Enjoy!


  • It is now no longer possible for your favorite randomly appearing mobs to be found inside player houses, the atlas, the Hikari no Matsuri festival, and most inaccessible places. This includes existing ones and any future ones for all events and purposes.
  • The undead/zombie/vampire status of mobs has been tinkered with. Any previously damageable-by-healing mobs that lack the "zombie" tag are HIGHLY LIKELY still damage-with-healing-able so don't worry, it is all an aesthetic change. HOWEVER many not-previously-zombies will become damage-with-healing-able if they appear undead (skeletons, ghosts). additionally, vampires should typically not be damage-with-healing-able.
  • Probably other stuff has happened I don't remember

love, cooper

Changes 11-10-2019

  • new skill: rebuke - applies Fear to an undead enemy with a high chance may also apply confuse or burn at high skill levels
  • Priests get rebuke at level 15
  • new toggle command 'niceguy' -- while niceguy mode is on, mobs affected by Fear will not attempt to run away from you (off by default)
  • new spell Belfry - summons a flock of doves, flock of pigeons, or cloud of bats, based on the caster's alignment. the conjured flock can dodge, block, and even phalanx, but has mediocre hit points
  • Priests get Belfry at level 17
  • new spell Miracle Saber - applies Holy or Unholy to a weapon based on caster's alignment
 ** i realized after the fact that this is just a better Crusader Saber so stand by for this to get changed lmfao
  • Priests get Miracle Saber at level 20
  • new skill anoint - use liquid in a container to apply a Saves and Magroll buff to a target. using certain alignment-dependend liquids quintruples the duration of the buff
  • priests get anoint at level 23
  • Sacrificing in Consecrated rooms is massively simplified
  • Mend and Vitalize restore 33% more HP to other characters if they have similar alignments
  • Priests (and only priests) can choose their alignment at creation now (blank line bug fixed next copyover - just hit enter an extra time)


Changes 11-9-2019

  • %a prompt option gives numerical alignment below level 10, not just good/neutral/evil
  • new prompt option %E to spam yourself with your affects list
  • priests get Attack Up at level 2
  • priests get Smite at level 3
    • Smite's damage adjusted significantly: ranges from 37.5 to 187.5% of a first-tier spell depending on caster HP (+/-50%, inverse correlation) and enemy HP (+/-25%, normal correlation)
  • priests get Bless at level 4
  • mana cost increased to 10
  • priests get Purify at level 5
  • Purify mana cost dropped to 10, lag decreased to 6
  • priests get Curse at level 6
  • Curse no longer worsens skills - AFF_CURSE *flag* still worsens skills.. but is no longer applied by this spell
  • Curse armor penalty now scales with level (30 + level/3)
  • priests get Barrier at level 7
  • Barrier's duration enhanced dramatically, mana cost increased a LOT
  • priests get Heal Blind at level 9
  • Heal Blind mana cost dropped to 10, lag decreased to 6
  • priests get Ray at level 10
  • Attack Up, Curse, and Barrier can be charged to improve their duration. Bless can be charged to improve its duration AND its ability to uncurse equipment. Heal Blind and Purify can be charged to improve their chance to dispel the negative affect. Smite and Ray can be charged to improve their damage by 50%.
  • ALL form: undead mobs are vulnerable to healing spells, even if they don't have a (Zombie) tag. For reasons of lore and balance, vampires do not count as undead


  • mobs csv dump includes aff, shield, and form data
  • Please update your vampire NPCs to not have the Undead form flag

Priest from levels 11-30 is wonky at the moment. Pardon our dust!


Changes 10-31-2019

  • esuna now works on dirt kick, miasma, and dazzle
  • the smash skill now ignores the defend status :0
  • blind, dazzle, and dirt kick improved to -25 hitroll (abt 50% to hit)
  • ration now grants a net improvement to foods' spell levels, with high skill% in ration (i.e. @ 100%, lv100 -> 83 + 83!!!)
  • lunge lag improved to 24
  • counterspell should no longer attempt to fire at invalid targets
  • comet punch damage improved 25%
  • geomancers now get Overgrowth and Bramble at level 1
  • instead, they don't get Banana Bomb until level 4
  • earthy/Stone Saber'd weapons do 33% more extra damage than the other elemental sabers, to compensate for the lack of a status affect


  • mob goto, at, transfer, gtransfer, and otransfer will now work on object targets if the object is in an inventory or container
  • area flag 'norandoport' which prevents 'random' or 'buggy' portals from sending mobs or players to the entire area

Opaaaaaaaaaaa -Bea

Changes 10-27-2019

  • syphon should no longer "drain" "negative" amounts
  • blue magic + bloodsuck should no longer mess up killcount
  • fixed a crash bug with the $h variable
  • lag on cultivate skill reduced to 16
  • fixed typo when extension is cast on others but fails
  • phalanx-blocked hits will set up the blocker for retort (and hylian fencing specials), instead of the person being protected
  • vigilance should actually work now - it's done the opposite of what its supposed to, the entire time?...oops
  • retort should skill up much easier now
  • renewed the domain registration for sorry i let that lapse, it was supposed to be on autopay but my credit card expired since the last charge lmfao


Changes 10-5-2019

  • fixed a bug involving showing a world map to a char not actually in a room
  • boogie fever will no longer spread certain affects that have a 'secondary type', like counterspell or blue magic
  • Glowing items are now visible on the floor of dark rooms
  • vehicles with headlight capability are always visible, both in rooms and in inventories
  • anti-wizard items are correctly forbidden to 4th gen wizards
  • %G prompt option shows group information as numbers (like 'group')
  • %1 prompt option like %G but shows enemy info also (like 'group2')
  • auxillaryalt mode shows enemy data (like %1 or group2)
    • neither of the ones that show enemy data, will show MP, if you haven't got detect magic (like normal tuna mode)


  • Cleaned up a couple OLC error messages


Changes 9-14-2019

  • players automatically go AFK when idle instead of going to the void
  • players who have been AFK for more than a week are disconnected
  • players who have not logged in for more than a week are delisted from the wholist, even if they're active on Discord
  • when a player logs on or reconnects, that player's alts disconnect
  • pose command added for long-term emoting
  • 'look self' shows your pose, if applicable
  • area list sorted (thanks Ademisk)
  • when abbreviating commands, most communication commands (e.g., reply) outprioritze info commands (e.g., resist) & config commands (e.g., remove)
  • trance duration no longer easily stacked, but base duration slightly longer

For builders:

  • 'discordutil cleanup' to unlink invalid (e.g., deleted) players from users
  • AFK shows up on mstat
  • we're finally subject to the same afk/idle rules as everybody else!


Changes 9-7-2019

  • wholist incorporates linkdead and Discord-based players
  • wholist formatting changes (races colored by innate not sex, idle indicator)
  • in CoD chat, Discord users have their names synced with their CoD playernames
  • Jinx interacts with Esuna and outputs appropriately when it wears off
  • power surge now only affects offensive or defensive spells, but not spells that are neither (looking at you, Cleft Rift and etc).
  • Tier 4 wizard spells interact correctly with runic, Sabotage, and magroll
  • burn's attack down brought in-line with the Attack Down spell
  • fixed leaking color from Osmosis
  • fixed leaking absence of color from disarm
  • pbust can no longer be used by NPCs
  • the prompt argument %t, which showed your pet's race, has been removed

For builders:

  • discordutil command to manage Discord integration
  • {@ and {# have been discontinued (use {$ if you require flashing colors)


Changes 8-22-2019

  • fixed a bug involving update_always mobs with ai_retargeting getting extra combat rounds when bashed/tripped
  • you can't Sneak past the wind stone's barrier anymore
  • updated elemental colors in 'score' to match new wiz spells
  • added color codes to damage in: earthquake, magic missile, halo, solarbeam, tsunami, bramble, dins fire, quezacotl's wrath, fumes, tornado, darkmatter, pearl, ink blast, cadenza, fulgor burst, laser beam, blam gush, surf, firebreath, and also anything that goes through damage_next()!!!! as these skills/spells are in fact also polarity-reversible.
 * I couldn't do star rain yet as spako_msg does not get the spell's actual damtype, just the skill# and dam amount
  • hp drain uses {rdark red now, mp drain uses {bdark blue
  • quartz guard deals earth damage now, not slash
  • thorn aegis deals wood damage, not piercing anymore
 * hailstone barrier already dealt cold and not bash lmao


  • at your convenience, please update $a damage colors in your areas to comply with the updated 'help damage colors'. or, if you switch these progs to use damechos instead, you won't have to worry if the colors change, as 'mob damecho' has been forcibly made compliant on the back end!!! :)


Changes 8-21-2019

  • the wizard class has been superseded. New characters choosing wizard will create 4th-generation wizards instead of 3rd-generation wizards and will be able to evolve into Archmages or Elementalists. Check helpfiles for details.
  • Existing wizards should be minimally affected by this change.
  • Jumi cores have been reverted to occupy the neck slot. This change is retroactive to existing Jumis.
  • the Jumi core now provides a full heal, esuna, and increases max HP by 33%
  • %d option added for prompts to report most recent direction moved

For builders

  • the 'class' ifcheck now accepts partial matches. Importantly: 'if class $n wizard' matches all of Wizard, S_Wizard, and N_Wizard.


Changes 8-18-2019

  • undid that %G change, it's back now if you want it
  • fixed a typo in piledriver
  • 'scan' has less misleading echo when scanning into closed doors
  • pass door now works on hidden closed doors now


  • Shadow Step does the same damage u took and heals on hit now
  • Restore Movement can be cast in combat now
  • Jumi Aikido's super is actually usable while defending (aka sitting) now
  • Repent only drains MOST (down to 80%) of your mv now, dependent on skill%
  • Rabite Rainstorm's lag reduced 50%
  • when Entangle trips, it reliably does 3 pulses of Daze now instead of 1-4


Changes 8-15-2019

  • unholy weapons deal evil damage now, not dark
  • the log no longer throws errors when players with items in their locker quit the game... maybe?
  • the bug report about 'prev' obj missing is back though! because i need to track down what causes/caused this
  • more blue magic useless skills
  • Deliver can no longer send unique items to someone if they already have one in their locker!
  • ai_retargeting mobs now correctly aim at act2_priority mobs, not act_passive ones
  • Saiyans become 'large' size when transformed into an oozaru!
  • bankers should no longer keep your exchanged money if you're over your weight limit somehow
  • %G in prompts will no longer spam the crap out of old chars who still have it
  • the 'auxillaryalt' option, on by default, can be turned off to see hp numbers etc in the protuna tertiary display
 * if you were actually using the old style [*****] bars...  let me know please... you madman!


  • new 'size' affect modifier... having a size less than 0 (tiny) or over 5 (giant) may have undefined behavior right now, so please be careful with this

Changes 8-12-2019

  • glitz pit modified to use less cpu when players are in the area
  • fixed small memory leak involving pc corpses
  • fixed small memory leak involving pet corpses
  • Bash and Trip no longer knock down targets that are immune to bashing damage
  • fixed a bug involving non-swimming mobs attempting (and failing) to enter sector noswim rooms -- now they just dont try
  • 'buy' with no argument redirects to 'list
  • added missing drops to hu lao gate mobs
  • Gastro Acid strips inhale and bloodsuck effects... oops! lol!!
  • 'order' now passes any applicable lag to the mob's commander, but this also means that many 'order' applications are now faster for the commander!
  • 'order all' will accumulate lag harmonically for each mob that gets ordered ex: ordering 5 mobs to 'zap' a wand will now give you 12/1 + 12/2 + 12/3 + 12/4 + 12/5 = 27 beats of lag


Changes 8-10-2019

  • Attack Down tells you when it failed to be cast on you
  • area attacking mobs will area-attack every round as expected
  • fixed a memory leak involving room and area affects!!!
  • Flying Men disappear outside magicant again
  • visdeath madra ice field mobs no longer cast frost veil constantly, its just permanent room affects now
  • More CPU usage streamlining


  • 'dump' command shows memory data to you, and dumps the obj and mob files in a much more accessible location, as almost-correct html (104+ imm ability)
  • 'mem' command reports accurate number of actual affects (previously was just number of obj template affects!!) also might report accurate number of alloacated strings..?
  • relatedly, memcheck accurately reports string creation now
  • mobexists vnum, mobexists #.vnum, objexists vnum, and objexists #.vnum are now LIGHTNING fast to execute
  • I have accordingly replaced most examples of mobexists (name) and objexists (name)! The remainders will be changed soon (?)


Changes 8-8-2019

  • Gastro Acid in the inhale/blue magic list has been switched out for Acid Rain
  • the Bleed spell, Darkmatter, and the grizzly style super will no longer cause bleeding on characters without blood
  • new skill 'retort' for knights at level 10 -- see helpfile
  • riposte doesn't apply skill% penalty twice anymore and should do more damage now if you have it at less than 100%
  • all characters can now rescue and fallback as if they had both skills at 60%. knights and summoners will benefit from having the actual skills by performing rescues/fallbacks *reliably*.


  • IMPORTANT!!! good work yall, keep it up


Changes 8-7-2019

More CPU usage slimming...

  • get_obj_world() doesn't do pointless extra work
  • new funcs get_obj_world_faster() and get_char_world_faster()
  • new find_location_faster() calls the above


  • in an effort to curb CPU usage, the mob commands transfer, spawn, goto, and at, and the ifchecks mobexists and objexists, now require exact keywords!! -- police your areas if you're worried
  • act flag AGGRESSIVE works now - should target a random PC, not more than 5 levels higher than the mob, chosen from an entire group entering the room at once - may be funky with portals
  • objexists works with #.vnum syntax though!!!
  • mobexists works with #.vnum syntax now too!!!!

I'm, of course, building stuff to but that's too banal to note here


Changes 8-6-2019

  • Lasacul has a bar now (thanks abaril)
  • Threshold for drunk speech lowered, because that's fun
  • Level 108 immortals will show up in 'who' again (nobody uses this level, you havent been missing anyone)
  • Trimmed memory a little and cpu usage a lot
  • Masochism Tango no longer applies pass door
  • Dying should no longer strip affect flags applied by equipment


  • new variable $d, for random mob grouped with a player (charmie)
  • new variable $D, for random player-attackable mob or PKable player
* use this one for pets or offensive event items
  • new variable $h, for random player or charmie! like $r but broader
  • removed unused (but settable??) 'gravity' from areas
  • REMINDER: avoid using ordinal words like 'first', 'third', or the word 'other' in obj names, as this fouls targeting.
 * OLC will try to warn you if you do this
  • ANOTHER REMINDER: avoid using a name with the 'mobexists' ifcheck, as it is very CPU-intensive. vnums are strongly preferred, especially in frequently-called progs like fight or random!!!
 * wiznet's memcheck now pings when this happens


Changes 8-4-2019

  • Laser Beam now costs 48mp to cast
  • For safety, Inhale no longer works on mobiles immune to Summon
  • OK, the %e prompt thing should actually be fixed now...
  • %e in a prompt will show closed doors now too (ugly tho)
  • Weightless and uncounted items can be picked up, received, bought, and retrieved from lockers even at max capacity
  • Lasacul now has a local map


  • the 'stat' command reveals secondary types of affects when applicable
  • FYSA: uncounted items are treated as 0 weight for most purposes. this has been the case since 2011ish, so i won't change it now, just please be aware...
  • as requested, area exflag COLD_WEATHER, changes weather messagest
  • after mob award exp scaled, $a can be used to echo actual xp awarded
  • added race and damtype to the mobs csv dump
  • added applies to the objs csv dump


Changes 8-3-19

  • the 'group' command will not get intercepted by the tertiary window in project tuna anymore, so you can see your charmies' exact hp and such
  • Consecrate (any align) will prevent Haunt from manifesting lil' boos
  • Aurora, Darkmatter, and Pearl will respect always_night and always_day
  • Warriors no longer get Defend if they don't evolve
  • Priests get Consecrate at level 28 instead of 30
  • Summoners get Gather at level 29 instead of 30
  • Summoners don't get Summon, Deliver, Cleft Rift, or Guardian Force if they don't evolve
  • Dancers won't get Read Magic, Esuna, or Dispel unless they evolve
  • Blind mobs will not "scream and attacks!" (assist/re-engage AI) unless flagged omnisight. blind mobs should aggro less often otherwise too
  • Heat Metal, Death Pact, Death Coil, Intimidate, Inflame, Detect Alignment, Transfusion, Abundance, Smite, Nurse, Regen, Evil Eye, Jutsu's blind, and Skeleton Crew and Resurrect's HP bonus, respect the spell's actual cast level and not the caster's character level
  • Event-using potions, pills, and scrolls, will no longer show fake info about their nonexistent spells' level
  • the %e prompt variable now says 'none' in rooms with no visible exits, like it was always supposed to
  • You should no longer get "wears on head" type messages if equipment didn't actually get worn!


  • 'mob damecho' works again
  • greet progs will not trigger for blind mobs unless omnisight! you could already 'sneak' past these progs so this shouldnt break anything tbh
  • scrolls can be 'event objs' now


Changes 7-29-19

Behind the scenes:

  • string allocation limit increased from 22 MB to 34 MB


Changes 7-25-19

  • ALL twohanded weapons have been improved by about 25%
  • Tweaks to the Inhale skill
  • Kirbys receive the Inhale skill at level 25
  • Pumpkin reduces the victim's current HP too (but isnt lethal)
  • Pumpkin no longer works on things otherwise immune to damage

for builders:

  • Farore's Wind spell, like Exit but can teleport between areas


Changes 7-23-19

  • the Confuse spell is no longer a synonym for Charm, but rather for Confusion (the one that makes u hit urself)
  • Confusion not induced by Polka Polka has a protuna status tag
  • scarecrows may no longer enter portals
  • sneaking through a portal shows "you enter suchandsuch" again
  • helpfiles exist for every spell you may find on an item now
  • jumi cores no longer fill a neck slot, but use a new 'core' slot
    • jumi players: contact an immortal for help fixing yourself


  • new portal flag "send_vehicle", which does what you expect
  • portal flag normal_exit works again (only affects echoes)
  • jumi NPCs can also wear jumi cores with a little effort: they must 'mob oload 24 0 w' and then oset its short desc.


Changes 7-19-19

  • MORE tweaks to blue magic/vampire
  • to reduce spam, blue magic affects won't show up in 'report affects'
  • As requested, curse will no longer affect nodestroy items
  • Fixed a typo when none-innate Jutsu blinds the target

For Builders:

  • Exit and Exall triggers can take the 'all' argument to check all 10 directions simultaneously.
  • Hour triggers can take the 'all' argument to execute every in-game hour, or about every minute. This may be useful for less CPU-intensive mobprogs.
  • putting the 'norecharge' flag on a light will make it unable to be recharged with the Phlogiston spell


Changes 7-18-19

  • after combat, gained XP and gained money show up on the same line
  • auto corpse sacrificing is hidden for new players. Unhide with 'silentsac'
  • runic, double, shell, and sabotage now work against multi-hit skills
  • fixed a bug that could cause drunken groupmates to crash the game
  • fixed a bug involving certain decayable objects never decaying
  • when someone locks or unlocks a door, their name is capitalized correctly
  • manashield buffed to take 150% damage instead of 200% damage
  • manashield breaking now causes lag instead of HP damage

For builders:

  • further Discord synchronization


Changes 7-14-19

  • extra attacks do somewhat more damage
  • Attack Down removes 3-7 DR instead of 8-11 DR
  • more comprehensive Discord chat synchronization
  • the world is now round (as far as the atlas is concerned)
  • maximum prompt length has been doubled
  • fixed a bug where glitches sometimes appeared within ASCII art

Behind the scenes:

  • rewrote code that awarded XP (this has no observable effects)


Changes 7-11-19

  • damroll and magroll scaling starts at 40 DR instead of 20 DR
  If you want to visualize what this does, transfer functions are plotted
  (from top to bottom, funcs are pre-6/28/19, today, and 6/28/19-7/11/19)
  • DR, once again, no longer applies to skills
  • Attack Up provides 3-7 DR instead of 6-11 DR
  • %C in prompt now shows room's sector type
  • %j, %J, %k, %K in prompt now show pet's current/max mana/moves
  • undoubled cooldown for AoE spells if and only if user is currently a wizard
  (i.e., cooldowns will still be doubled for revamped wizards, once available)


Area Changes 7-8-19


  • Fossil Roo is now available.
  • McNeil Woods has had enough tweaks that I put it under this category instead of merely tweaks - including a local map.


  • The Warp Zone! Travel easily to places you've already been. Check 'news' for more info!
  • Expellian's LONG AWAITED move has been made and it is no longer connected via a Humbolt Island pipe.
  • Sunsnug has sent out palico scouts, highly specialized palicos that are purrfect at exploring dangerous areas and avoiding dying! Three of them are exploring the Cleft, collecting information to return to the Prowler's Association.
  • Zigolis Swamp has current location indicators (more or less) on its local map (when using ProjTuna)!
  • There are more dumpsters around the Cleft in towns with a small chance at a pointless easter egg when you actually use them to put junk into.


  • Exp gain from mobs (in regards to which mobs are halfxp, standard, xpandahalf, doublexp, and triplexp) has been tweaked in several areas and will continue to be tweaked.
** Mist Cave trash mobs have had their exp lowered to standard.
** Bosses in expellian have had their exp increased (and give additional exp on first kill.)
** Jiufen Valley has seen exp increases.
** Certain, otherwordly parts of Kakariko Village have seen exp increases.


** Some Safari Zone mobs had accidentally been left in a weakened state and have since been put on proper health and fitness regiments.
** The physical fitness hiring standards for ShinRa guards have been SLIGHTLY reduced.
** Malakian Monks and Rafalian Priestesses will no longer stand idly by while you murder their brethren (sometimes?).
  *** They are also both ever so slightly more dangerous in general.
** War Witches have been tweaked in a way that may cause them to be more or less dangerous, maybe.


** The Veldt has more to do and has been tweaked minorly.

Changes 7-7-19

  • All evolved summoners get Guardian Force at level 55
  • Warrior styles' hit/dam changes apply AFTER equipment/affects
  • New prompt variable %I for current day of the week
  • You have to type 'nofollow' competely to turn it on
  • "players today" should reset every 24hrs(ish)
  • continued tweaks to Vampire and blue magic
  • trip does a minimum of 1 damage
  • overpower does a minimum of 1 damage
  • esuna and dispel no longer refer to your character in the third person if you cast them on yourself


  • Putting ^^ at the beginning of a 'quests' list will make that quest invisible instead of dark while it's incomplete
  • Helpfiles are created with the name 'temphelp' by default now
  • mob rset now accepts 'xpos' and 'ypos' commands
  • mob mset no longer accepts 'wealth' command
  • mobs have innate that can be set in medit
    • this will affect spells like conjure elemental, cadenza, jutsu, give bonuses to wizard spells, etc.
      • it will NOT automatically set any resists/vulns
      • the random_innate behavior will overwrite this on the mob's template AND set appropriate resist/vulns like it's always done


Changes 7-5-19

  • wily's lab has been revisited and the non-boss mobs are a bit harder
    • there is also a wider selection of mobs now
  • melt_drop items in a dropped container will melt appropriately
  • melt_drop containers will no longer nuke everything in them when dropped
  • the Guardian Force spell finds a target more reliably
  • 'blue magic' skill added for vampires -- currently a bit buggy
  • Inflame will hurt people not in the same room as the caster
  • mobs can no longer flee, mob flee, nor doppelganger through NO_MOB exits
  • mobs can no longer be compelled through NO_MOB exits with gravity well, maelstrom, or brainbuster
  • mobs can no longer Blink through NO_MOB exits
  • the 'evolve' command uses witch/warlock and diva/impresario correctly


  • the 'damtype' mobprog trigger should now accept 'all'
  • the 'draining' damtype was erroneously still called 'disease' in medit
  • new mobprog variables $c and $C for the character $q is fighting


Changes 7-3-19

  • Discord chat integration handles pictures and mentions better
  • DoTs and delayed attacks only provoke aggression when victim sees player
  • DoTs and delayed attacks don't inappropriately break invisibility
  • Protuna tertiary panel draws a fork and spoon when you're hungry/thirsty
  • minor cosmetic updates to Protuna tertiary panel time and weather display
  • counterspell works differently
  • doubled cooldown on Wizard AoE spells
  • slightly weakened Tractor Beam
  • manashield, goldshield, and roadblock skill% can increase, impact efficacy
  • new spells and skills for revamped Wizards:
   Blink, Chrysalis, combomagic, and six combomagic-based spells: Flare Star,
   Catastrophe, Ancient Power, Black Wind, Grand Dream, and Southern Cross.

For builders:

  • questquery command. Verifies in-use questflags per area
  • Discord chat integration for staff stuff

Behind the scenes:

  • fixed a bug pertaining to lava sectors
  • reduced memory footprint for rooms


Changes 6-30-19

To: all

  • fixed a weird bug involving lights when reconnecting
  • 'screenreader' is a handy built-in alias for 'brief'
  • that whole damroll thing that i'm sure you've heard about - still working out some remaining damroll kinks here and there
  • fireball/lava wave's smoldering effect has a debuff indicator
  • fireball/lava wave won't kill a player twice anymore
  • sizeup no longer misgenders spivak and plural pronoun characters


  • 'eventitem' works on potions, pills, AND food... please be careful
  • new method to hide properly tagged asciiart from brief mode using players
  • new method to hide alternate descriptions from NON-brief mode using players
  • new method to strip color codes from a block of text


  • new command 'pwreset' to change a player's password (106+ ONLY)
  • xp bonus spell added - please use very sparingly and fairly
  • 'wizhelp' is a lot less ugly, and sorted by level now

I don't THINK i forgot anything in this note...


Changes 6-23-19

  • Polka Polka, Dazzle, Heartache Rumba, Masochism Tango, Dispel, Esuna, Seance, Theatrics, Boogie Fever, and Sabotage can be charged to dramatically increase their chance of success.
  • Finale can be charged to increase its damage by 1.5x
  • Wandering Eye can be charged to increase its duration by 2x
  • Rally Audience can be charged to double the HP of the audience
  • shadow stalk can improve, but can fail
  • Fixed Bug where Bless was improving chances of saving vs effects too much
  • Added protuna tertiary window tag for bramble's debuff
  • Max group size of 6 can no longer be circumvented
  • Earthtap and Dancing Weapon should no longer reset weapons to default
  • Fixed some missing color codes in 'report'


  • $a can be used in any mobprog line, not just echos
  • new weapon flag Mystic, makes weapon use magroll instead of damroll
  • noecho now functions on portals
  • "if khexists" and "if khcount" ifchecks work
  • new mob race "zombie"
  • new furniture flag "furn_light" -- makes the item cast light in the room

Changes 6-22-19

  • 'Whowas' will show information (level, hours, playtime) of online players
  • behav_travelingpet works every pulse instead of every tick
  • 'mob asset' ascii art bug fixed in final weapon's exit pod?
  • Create Booze tables shuffled in line with new liquids table
  • 'steal item' had bread replaced with booze in its loot table
  • 'steal item' will only give materia if the enemy had max MP > 0
  • if affected with both Sleep and Influenza, could get weird messages
  • 'report inv' won't show a PC's inventory to their group leader
  • Ageatii's Favour spell renamed to Alraune's Favour


  • TAR_OBJ_INV spells are listed in OLC now, plus other tweaks to '? spell'
  • new wiznet option 'memcheck' to show increases of strings and perms
 - be advised it will go off a lot for benign reasons
  • 'mob mforce all' is more efficient AND works as expected now


Changes 6-19-19

  • Fixed a bug with wildfire 'following' the caster
  • New command 'PBUST' - shows a one-off prompt with the specified parameters,
 "pbust Align: %a" will display the player's alignment. This is designed for 
 use with aliases or macros to get information quicker than one can by 
 reading an entire promptor using the 'score' command. Currently does not 
 work with Project Tuna. Uses the same switches as those used for a prompt,
  • Swindle and Powersurge can level up past 60% now.
  • Selan and other mages' 'clarity' now costs just 25 silver per item to be IDd
  • Parry will now use your offhand weapon if you haven't got a mainhand one
  • Lobsterman Eskrima now applies its parry bonus correctly
  • Drunkenness has been reworked and can do much more
 - including something actually good
  • Scuppered now reduces the skill penalty from drunkenness
  • Many liquids have had their values tweaked. To summarize
 - Nothing quenches quite like pure, clean water
 - Hard liquors generally no longer quench any thirst at all
 - Most liquids are not very satiating, except e.g. broth, milk
 - Salt water and blood are much nastier about worsening thirst
 - Alcoholic beverage proofs adjusted; it's much easier to get drunk
  • Laying down framework for the upcoming (secret) subclass's (secret) ability


Area Changes and Note 6-16-19


- Pinata Grove is available, visit at any level!
- The town of Onrac and its Sunken Shrine are accessible to those who obtained an Aquamarine Scale during the Easter 2019 event.  For those who haven't, it will become available again in the future.


- Battlefields are springing up around the Cleft.  Two are currently available, one in Truce Canyon and one in Alfador Isle.
- Kupimo can be found as a roaming world mob, randomly appearing in any location. He is a Materia Merchant who sells both common and exclusive Materia to those who can find him.
- The Feymarch has been relocated from its previous, temporary home to its new, probably-permanent home.
- A hidden place has had a small expansion.
- Several newbie areas outside of Truce have had small additions.


- Some busted mobprogs were fixed in McNeil woods, and some new loot can be obtained both there and in the Veldt.
- A couple mobs drop a few new things of low consenquence.
- Sectors have been tinkered with all around the world and will continue to, most likely not affecting anyone except geomancers.

A full scale, colored version of the atlas as it appears in game has been uploaded onto our Wiki and is publicly available. Feel free to use it as you wish! There is an "Atlas" page on the Wiki where the picture is featured. Anyone who feels like there could be more information on the "Atlas" page can feel free to contribute to it. This is intentionally as accessible as possible as a resource for our players. Please note that not everything featured on Shadmire is built yet.

Please note there may be various signs around the world pointing out new paths that are currently unavailable. These are not secret quest hints, but literally paths that are not yet ready for release. Feel free to take note of their locations for easier finding of new features and areas in the future!

Finally, the staff intends to correct power creep that has been manifesting in various ways in the game. Over the coming months, expect various changes that make the game easy to start, gradually become more difficult, and require some amount of determination to reach max level. We want to reward questing and exploring. Our puzzles, detailed areas, interactivity, and quests will remain our focus.


Changes 6-7/8/15-19

  • Sealed Cave has been returned to a different location.
  • The Faymarch has been relocated.
  • Warp Whistles have been disabled for now.

- Ageatii

This note summarizes changes made since around February:

+ OOC chat is synchronized with our Discord server
+ elemental damage from weapons and many spells is now colored
+ new characters start with fewer practices but more default artifice skill
+ XP is no longer lost for players fleeing at level 10 or below
+ decreased memory footprint for objects
+ reformatted alignment of mnay Project Tuna affect tags
+ DoT effects should no longer start fights with targets not in the room
+ improved parsing for Scan when target obj shares keyword with bystander mob
+ various Wizard spells have been tweaked. Check helpfiles on:
   Fireball, Rhizome Lance, Air Blast, Gem Missile, Darkside, Ice Smash,
   Burst, Viro Plasm, Thunderstorm, Gyro Ball, Lucent Beam, & Bubble Beam
+ behind-the-scenes, new spells and skills for revamped Wizards: 
   Maneater, Wind Blade, Void Ray, Absolute Zero, Nebula, Snowy,
   Reverse Polarity, feedback, & trance
+ many of wildcasting's effects are now different
+ karma works against Confusion, Osmosis, Burn, and Daze, among others
+ entangle no longer spuriously triggers mobprogs. entangle now inflicts daze
+ Tsunami won't push mobs into forbidden rooms, for reals

For builders:

+ new command "findtriggermismatch" to audit risky mprog combos (lvl 107 only)


+ fixed a bug where killing mobs >10 levels stronger would break the XP cap
+ shuffled damage colors for some wizard spells
+ changed how recoil is displayed for Darkside and Soulblade
+ changed aesthetics on Ink Blast, Megamagic, and Rainbow

For builders:

+ there are now 31 quest flags per area


Changes 3-1-2019

  • New rset fields
   mob rset flag <flag value>
     EG "mob rset flag no_recall" toggles no_recall
   mob rset <room affect> <duration>
     EG "mob rset sandstorm -1" sets sandstorm permanently
     NOTE:Room affects are being implemented one at a time, so far there's:
  • New mob commands "oclone" and "mclone"
  mob mclone <target to clone>
     Works exactly as the imm command
  mob oclone <object to clone> <target location>
     Works exactly like the imm command except it can load into the room or inventory
     EG "mob oclone apple I" will duplicate the object into inventory
     EG "mob oclone apple R" will duplicate the object into the room

Changes 2-18-2019

  • Tsunami, Suplex and Blam Gush will no longer push mobs into rooms where they aren't allowed.
  • Using Boogie Fever in coordination with Tame will no longer break up the group.
  • Pets can no longer be ordered to purchase unique items.
  • Read Magic/Analyze will now show more affects (if applicable).
  • Mobs will now echo back if they can't wear something that is Antimob.
  • Decaying objects will no longer announce their destruction if they have the 'noecho' flag applied.
  • Unique objects can no longer be purchased if one is in the player's locker.
  • The word 'pet' will now reference the player's pet in the same way that 'me' or 'self' references the player.
  • 'Autosort' will now automatically sort your inventory (and locker!) into item types. Try it and see how it works!.
  • Din's Fire now targets all enemies in the room and has been adjusted accordingly.
  • Items that are flagged 'melt_drop' no longer showcase a red aura.


  • Mobs can now award themselves ('mob award $i') instead of needing a convoluted chain of mob-manipulation to provide the same effect, please be careful with its use, probably sticking to event items so that the player is $i.
  • New behavior 'travelingpet' that makes a charmed mob consistently return to its owner, this will eliminate the need to create a RANDOM trigger prog to manually provide the same effect.
  • Rand_phys_vuln and rand_misc_vuln behavior flags added.

Changes 2-10-2019

Mostly just builder changes here.

  • sneak applies to portals.
  • exhaulted etc should vanish only at appropriate remorts (again?).
  • mob addlag is back in, capped at 1000 but you should never need to go even that high, I hope.
  • hammerhand has fail message when no target is found.
  • resets now flags the area as "changed", so it can be saved without further edits.
  • damroll added as a field for mset.
  • various readout changes.
  • Curse on non-object targets now has a chance to cause short-term negative affects:
  Chances are based on wisdom.
  Chances are higher when the caster is evil.

Changes 2-8-2019

  • Using offensive abilities on yourself no longer triggers the Gilgame Heart skill.
  • Offensive skills can no longer gain learned-skill percentage when used on oneself.
  • 'Whowas' now shows new things, such as the player's current level and remort #.
  • Logging into a dark room with an active light source no longer acts as though your light doesn't exist.
  • 'Plural' and 'Spivak' genders now show appropriate coloration on the 'Who' list.
  • Aurora and Din's Fire spells now echo to the room when the caster is the target.
  • Angel Whisper now does 1/8th of an undead enemy's current HP instead of their maximum HP.
  • Scan/Examine now shows the condition of a decaying-flagged object.
  • Encore will now boost Attack Up to a maximum of 50 Damroll, no matter how many times for the former spell is cast.
  • Unique items can now only be bought one at a time.
  • Phlogiston has been reworked and now has better overall chances for success, maxing out at level 150.
  • Intimidate now successfully stacks Damroll detriments.
  • Misc grammar and text fixes.

Changes 1-31-2019

First pass on Priest rework

  • Detect Alignment is back in, working as you'd expect.
  • Mend and Vitalize tweaked; spell targets of same alignment and NOT the caster grant a chance to return mana or heal for more(Vitalize also has a chance to reduce cooldown). Chances

based on Wisdom.

  • Mend no longer has a blackhole for practices.
  • Ray of Truth tweaked; damage has a chance to scale when targeting opposite align from the caster, with another chance for half cooldown. Both chances based on Wisdom.
  • Judgment tweaked; Chances(still based on Wisdom) that when used on opposite align from the caster that there may be a mana return, cooldown halved, and/or extra buff pulses.
  • Bless tweaked when cast on objects; Chances(Wisdom AND good align based) to apply more diverse bonuses dependent on object's wear location(eg feet).
  • Curse massively tweaked:
  • Curse can now be cast on objects, casting curse on weapons or armor will cause the following:
  1) Perishable, cursed, nouncurse
  2) Cost/value of the object will be reduced to 0
  3.A) Condition of the object will be reduced by 2/3rds
  3.B) Condition cuts can be negated some, determined by wisdom
  • Cursed weapons will receive the following:
  1) The first die on the weapons damage dice gets a 50% boost
  2) If there are enchantments, the enchant count gets a 33% boost
  • Cursed armor will receive the following:
  1) The armor stats get a 50% boost across the board
  2) The armor gets a saves boost, the amount is determined by wisdom
  • Curse casted on any other object just adds 1 magroll or damroll for now
  • Curse casted on a non-object-target no longer has a set 30 armor penalty
  • Curse armor penalty is determined by wisdom
  • Smite reworked; Casting Smite while BLESSED causes it to work in reverse of normal, Casting Smite while the target is CURSED does more damage the closer you are to their hp %.

  • Legacy Spells have been adjusted:
Fira, Bizzara, and Thundara have increased mana costs.
Firaga, Blizzaga, and Thundaga have increased mana costs AND a cooldown.

Changes 1-23-2019

  • When given a unique item you already own or already have in your locker, it will tell you the item specifically, instead of just "you already own that"
  • Angel Whisper now does 1/8th damage to undead's CURRENT health instead of their max health
  • The Koi Pond in Hikari no Matsuri is now community-friendly! Everyone can now fish from one pond! Talk to the stall tenant for a small update on the mechanics change involved!


  • 'khcount' and 'khexist' ifchecks are in, use them to check for killcounts of a specific mob and if the player has any killcount of a mob (see obj vnum 7249 for examples)

2018 Change Notes

Changes 10-21-2018

  • Items flagged 'noexplode' will no longer prevent charges being used with WIS scores of 20+.
  • Decaying items no longer corrupt lockers, instead going down to 1 Condition and then stopping until they are removed, whereupon they will resume decaying.
  • Unique items are now unique between a player and their locker (no more doubling up!).
  • The random "your weakens" message for some effects when casting Esuna has been fixed.
  • The 'Angel Whisper' spell is longer staffify-able.
  • CHARMIES (not permanent pets) can no longer interact (pick up, give, etc.) with Unique items.
  • The echoes for a scroll going off twice has been given a space, so it looks less crammed.
  • Odd bug ('lololo 2568 lol5') in the log has been fixed.

We apologize if some of these fixes/changes/updates hamper the difficulty of certain playstyles going forward, but please understand that they were considered at length and administered to combat exploits and unintended practices. You guys are awesome though, you'll figure out a way to keep going at full speed!

Area Changes 9-27-2018


  • Jam Wasteland is now available. Has some pre-requisites - alchemy related!
  • The Feymarch is now available, linked (for now) at the end of the Mist Cave.


  • There are now secret treasure spots (referred to sometimes as "hidey holes") all around the Cleft. Be on the lookout for a weird, old guy in various Cleft cities for more information.
  • See chobins and palicos getting drunk together at the Rat Cantina, located in the ocean somewhere. Maybe a friendly merchant will let you ride their ship there! If not, maybe you can bother a not-so-friendly merchant until they give in.
  • There is now a publically available Mana Treant. It has some interesting "features", see note regarding it for more information.


  • Booster Tower has been given a face lift, remort-only fight, minor tweaks, new drops, fixes, and new quests.

Changes 9-4-2018


  • DEX:
     If >= 25, chance for a movement to cost 1/2 MV, and to avoid being Disarmed.
     If <= 9, chance for a movement to cost 1.5x MV.
     Higher Dex scores now also increase MV regeneration.
  • WIS:
     If >= 25, when using a Rod item there is a chance based on INT for halved cooldown or halved lag.
     If <= 9, there is a chance based on INT to increase Rod-used cooldown by 25%.
     If >= 25, when using a Wand or Staff item there is a chance based on INT to withhold using a charge, or boost the spell's effectiveness by 1.5x.
     If <= 9, there is a chance to weaken the Wand/Staff's effectiveness by 25%
  • INT:
     Higher Int now positively affects Mana regeneration and negatively affects cast failure.
     If >= 25, there is a chance based on WIS to gain spell damage bonuses.
     If <= 8, there is a chance to accidentally perform drunk speech.
     If >= 25, there is a chance based on WIS that Scrolls will have halved lag or doublecast one of the spells.
     If >= 40, there is a chance to doublecast two spells on the scroll.
     If <= 9, there is a chance to fail one of the spells on a scroll or lose 25% of the spell's effectiveness/power.
  • New Gender Types: 'They (Plural)' and 'Spivak (e/em)'
  • New Spell: Reraise - Instantly revives the caster and restores them completely (EXP penalty for dying is still applied, though!)
  • 'Idle Hands' spell has been adjusted, now giving Level/2 increases to both Weight and Item capacity, maxing out at +50/+50 at Lv100.
  • 'Enchant' spell has been renamed 'Enchantment'.


  • Mob Variable Additions: 'sex' ifcheck now can use '5' for the Spivak gender (E.g. 'if sex $i == 5')

Area Changes 5-1-2018

  • Kakariko Village is accessible
  • The Pillars of Nosgoth are accessible
  • The Ancient Library is accessible
  • Viorar has some updates to descriptions and interactions
  • Chocobo Forest has updated descriptions, item drops and spawn rates
  • The world around the town of Todo has been expanded
  • You now receive a class-specific reward for completing Truce's community service
  • It's easier to get back the "mysterious map" item
  • Oopsie Dayzees have joined the Dayzee Family
  • For Builders:
  • Fishing, Phone, Bomb Database added to the immortal hub
  • Bambino Bombs have universal directional triggers

Changes 4-19-2018


  • New mob command: 'Addlag' (Adds lag to a player, disallowing them any activity until it wears off)

Changes 4-16-2018

  • Some fixes for cross-room battle issues
  • Players and mobs can no longer flee while grappled
  • Items with the 'Melt_Drop' flag can now be stolen
  • Items now have custom disintegration (when Condition reaches 0 through Decay) messages based in item's innate
  • Various skills will now enjoy damroll bonuses applied to their damage calculations
  • 'Crash' is less random, does a bit more damage and also boosts the damage and lessens the damage variance depending on the 'Capacity' amount of the vehicle
  • Spells with mob-moving effects (eg, Gravity Well) no longer require the mob to have Mov for the effect to function
  • Dispel now has more effects that it can remove
  • Esuna now has more ailments that it can remove
  • 'Charge' affects more Geomancer spells than before
  • 'Judgment' now does Holy/Negative damage based on alignment (instead of Light/Dark)
  • Knight spells that have damage dependant on alignment have been updated with specific pairings (light/dark and holy/negative)
  • 'Encore' no longer affects Dodge, Parry or Shield Block
  • New Spell: Debilitate (Lowers a target's level, prevents experience gain while in effect)
  • New Spell: Enchant (Enchant Weapon & Enchant Armor rolled into one spell, affects both types)
  • New skill: Ceremony (Toggled, forced resting position, autoattack off, sacrifice things for bonus mana and slightly adjusts alignment if sacrificing evil or blessed items)
  • Merchants no longer get Enchant Weapon or Enchant Armor, replaced with 'Enchant'
  • Magroll scaling is officially in place: Each point is 1% bonus effectiveness up to 20, and after 20 it scales to more-or-less needing 2 points for every 1% efficiency (with slight variance here and there)
  • Remort Tokens are in the process of undergoing an upgrade; eventually, they will be automated and allow a player to auto-remort themselves, including the coverage of remort cost
  • Various readout changes to give the Cleft's damtypes, elements and overall display a more consistent appearance


  • Oset'ing an item with the Decay flag and Oset'ing condition to 0 will cause an item to disintegrate immediately
  • New ifchecks: Objcost, objweight, objextra, objextra2, and objextra3
  • Ageatii has a new (or fixed, anyway) custom message when using the 'slay' command

Changes 3-22/3-23-2018

  • Cure has a slightly lower rate of healing than before
  • Cure's mana cost has been lowered from 10 to 8
  • Charge will now function with Vitalize
  • A few spells have been excluded from the Metronome list
  • Ninjas can now hide better, generally, and even more so in dark rooms
  • Ninjas now know when they have or have not become hidden.
  • Ninjas now sneak more successfully in dark rooms or while hidden, even more so when both conditions are met
  • Ninjas now know when they have or have not started sneaking
  • New spell: Debilitate (WORK IN PROGRESS)
  • Wording: 'Exotic' has replaced 'Magic' in a few areas
  • The room affects, sandstorm and flurry, should not do damage if you're resistant to their respective elements.
  • Alias max has been increased to 32.

For Builders:

  • Added a move if check
    • mvchk 'if mvchk $i >= 50'
  • Added object condition check
    • objcond 'if objcond >= 20'
  • Added condition as an oset field
    • 'mob oset $o condition -20' Adjust current condition by -20
  • Added brief mode check
    • isbrief 'if isbrief $n'
  • Oset usage is now limited to the actor's inventory and in the current room the actor is standing in.
    • Note: If you need to get around this and manipulate an object in another mob/player inventory, use force and mforce.

Changes 3-8/3-10-2018

  • Jumi and Matango now have independent, separate health regeneration rates that is not the 'Regen' affect (and thus no longer have the latter in constant effect).
  • CON and WIS now add a slight regeneration bonus to HP and Mana, respectively. This is especially noticeable in conditions that are not ideal.
  • 'Psyke Up' and 'Psyke Down' spells added, effects are equivalent to their 'Attack Up' and 'Attack Down' counterparts except that it influences Magroll instead of Damroll.
  • BUILDERS: Please be careful with using Psyke Down for now, as negative Magroll will prevent both players and mobs from dealing ANY spell damage!
  • 'Enchant Armor' no longer increases the target item's level by 1.
  • Priests now receive slightly more mana when sacrificing gold coins.
  • Choke and Powersurge now work with counterspell.
  • Wisdom helps with failure to cast spells
  • Magroll has been fleshed out for player usage and works as intended.
  • Wall change can be charged to better penetrate saves.
  • Enchant spell has been added, which combines both enchant armor and enchant weapon
  • enchanting with the new enchant spell has slight chance to add -1 saves or +1 hitroll to armor or weapons, respectively.
  • higher wisdom increases those odds even more.
  • psyke down has been adjusted to be more likely to bypass saves.
  • armor golems are no longer affected by slow naturally.
  • various read out changes, most importantly, lockers and containers.

For builders:

  • mob award exp works in flat value. Use 'mob award $n exp 1234 noscale'
  • mob preitle is a command. for safety reasons, its usage is 'mob mforce $n mob pretitle self lolmypretitle ' to remove pretitles, just use {x.
  • mobs currently are locked out of magroll.

Changes 3-2-2018

  • Cynbel Sea is now linked!
  • The following areas have been removed from the "areas" command list: Magmoor Caverns, River City, Zanarkand, Magitek Factory.
  • MiniMedals have been added to: Gold City, Gobi's Valley, Frosty Forest, Tonoe, Jungle of Illusion, Goreomemu Swamp.
  • Level locks have been removed from: Orbonne Monastery, Guardia Castle, Dr Wily's Lab, Leires.
  • Item re-balances: Mana Spirit Statues, Mirror Shield, Silver Gauntlets.
  • Mob re-balances: Myrkur Necromancer, Great Rabite, Mushroomized Parasect, Angel Tower Spectre.
  • Pandora's Clothes in Truce are re-categorized as 'jewelry' type.
  • You have more time to complete Norstein Bekkler's light game in Truce.

Changes 2-19-2018

  • Stealing an item you can't carry no longer hecks up the item's location.
  • gptoss' damage is now a natural logarithm instead of base10... look forward to dealing more damage with it!
  • Fling shouldn't cast weapons into the void or other mobs' inventories.

Changes 1-26-2018

  • Sunsnug Isle is now accessible
  • Mist Cave is accessible as an expansion to Magicant
  • Hu Lao Gate is now accessible
  • An alternate unlockable path is available to get to the northern areas of Guardia.
  • Non-Saturn Valley ATMs no longer require ATM cards.
  • The potion seed pots (Crysta & Viorar) have been removed
  • Effects have been added to the remaining existing potion seeds that enemies drop
  • The speech in Lu Bu Feng Xian's delivery call is toned down
  • The reward for collecting all the Chaos Emeralds is improved
  • Asina on Joel Island more directly gives out quest initiation hints
  • Bugfix where Moon Saber was not being rewarded

Changes 1-10-2018

  • doubled the internal SPL_SPRD variable, which should reduce the variability of spell damage somewhat.
  • those NPCs you thought were healers.... aren't anymore. see selan and company for uncursing and IDing stuff now.
  • which conveniently updates whenever anyone who's not a staff member types 'who'.
  • 'report skills' -- for ordering your pet reveal its innate combat skills.
  • the 'cactus stool' made by a level 0 Mokuton no longer WORSENS regeneration.
  • Frost Saber now has a chance to apply a short-duration Slow.
  • Players and mobs warcry'ing at themselves have a better echo now.

for builders:

  • mobs and objects no longer have a 'material'
  • shopkeepers now *clone* objects when selling them, instead of making new ones.
    • this means infinite 'inventory' objects can be modified or restrung while still in the keeper's inventory, and the changes will now propagate to the bought copy.
  • plus some other changes i probably forgot


Changes 12-30-2017

  • Jutsu's lag time reduced from 20 to 12
  • Fumes now applies Poison instead of Fear -- rev up those Leeches
  • Ninjas get the Fear spell at level 45
  • Merchants now get Firebreath instead of Heat Metal at level 50
  • Gptoss is about half the cost to use but does the same damage
  • Dual Wield now functions correctly/at all when you have 2x/3x-cut
  • fixed that rogue . when paralyzed
  • converting gold to silver in banks is now free (but who does this)
  • 'report offense' shows magroll now

Changes 12-29-2017

  • Magroll is now percentage-based: 1 magroll is now equivalent to 1% more damage when casting a spell that deals damage. Builders, keep this in mind going forward when/if adding Magroll to items! Healing is also slated to be affected by this as well, but is not yet.

Changes 12-27-2017

  • "MAGROLL" is a thing now. It applies a flat damage bonus to most spells and damaging affects. There will be some exceptions (base Summoner spells), and there will be some instances where magroll has an exaggerated effect (multi- hit spells like Rainbow). Some builds will be better, some won't be affected, but none should take a nerf from this. Regardless, we're in uncharted territory!
  • Characters receive a bonus to Magroll similar to how Strength affects Damroll in practice, this is going to be about... 5 magroll for most casters
  • Builders can put Magroll on mobs and items (replaced previously nonfunctional bonus to saves vs paralysis?) -- use this sparingly, as you did damroll!!!
  • Bleeding damage now caps at level*3 per round so megabosses don't drain dry for thousands of damage per round
  • Enchant Weapon's effect with Damroll has been readjusted up to 15%. More tweaking possible pending smoothing out Magroll.

Changes 12-23-2017

  • any potential mob with vnum 3708 will be able to attack now (weird stock bug)
  • many abilities no longer penetrate the Shell affect
  • 'rod' and 'event' type items will display their current cooldown time when Scan'd/examine'd
  • enchanted weapons were having their damage bonus DOUBLED -- this has been corrected from 20% extra damroll per enchant to 10%
    • this seems like a nerf but check out the helpfile -- it was only SUPPOSED to be 5%
  • giga drain's mp cost cut by 1/3
  • vampires only regenerate 1hp/pulse while exposed to sunlight
  • plus other changes I've forgotten!

Changes 6-15-2017


  • Pip will refresh his inventory every day even when players are away.
  • Flameshe and the pumpkinhead butler will now not accept items (for now)
  • Electrical barrier seems to be working correctly.
  • Aisu's door is two-way.
  • El Nido quest list fixed
  • Vehicle loss in quest rooms: There isn't really a good solution that doesn't involve revamping how vehicles work.
  • Kiki responds to Elazul when appropriate.
  • The certain Gypsy Camp quest has the appropriate story prerequisites now.

Changes 6-04-2017

  • added 'glance' command to show only room name, exits, and contents when 'brief' is on
  • re-added 'exits' command -- beware of fake room names (re: mobprog trickery)
  • re-added 'resistances' command -- shows a short version when 'brief' mode is on
  • fixed a problem involving mobs with vampirism and the haunt affect which probably broke a bunch of other things too

for builders:

  • new exit flag 'nomob'

for me:

  • cleared various compile warnings
  • prototype "who's online" webpage -- for now, only updates when a staff member types 'who2'


Changes 3-29-2016

Various other changes have went in, but here are the highlights:

  • oset is finished off with using flag names (vs their numerical value) in the value(0-4) slots, where needed. (the imm command 'set obj' has been updated to do the same)
  • "pet" has been added to the necromancers, to retrieve the corpse of all pets at once(that actually leave a corpse). Eg. necro pet
  • Added affected2 if check eg. If affected2 focus
  • Added fast affect2 flag (works like the fast vehicle flag)
  • Added 'quicken spell' (applies fast)

Changes 1-20-2016

New mob commands:

  mset          - See 'help set' for details
  oset          - This isn't actually new but more has been added to it, see 'help set'
  mforce        - Allows players to execute mob commands without the use of an event item. (ie mob mforce $n mob cast fireball)
  mob face name - Mobs change their name tags

New Variables:

  $A            - Same as $o, without quotes around name tags
  $b            - Mob's remember target's race
  $B            - Mob's remember target's level
  These have been added to 'help variable' (Thanks Odwofi!)

Various Changes:

  Brief mode is (re?)enabled due to volume of requests lately
  Wildcasting has been changed to a toggle
  Wildcasting has been added to affects2
  Affects2 can be toggled with mob flag