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The Town of Truce

February 6 of the year 323

Dryad's Day

A being not unlike myself approached me with an offer this day. He is machine as I am, a simple scan of his body told me that much. But this Saneron acts more human that I have found myself capable of. More able to connect with humanistic thoughts and feelings. . .

Why is it that he functions more as a human than I? What was installed in him that my creator forgot? This Saneron intrigued me so, that it may have been the deciding factor as to why I considered his offer.

He told me of a group of beings that he called 'The Chosen'. A band of people united in the same cause.

He told me that they are trying to protect the planet, and keep peace among those of us who live here. Each of it's members takes on the name of a planet or star that hang in the night sky.

Thus, this would make the whole name that he goes by, Saneron the Sun.

I do not know who all are in this group, 'The Chosen', but Saneron offered me a position in it.

I am intrigued as to why people would go to such lengths to try and delegate peace among the people. By what right do they act?

By who's order do they try and protect this world?

Or, do they act of their own free will?

Do they try and do what they feel is right, not what they are told?

I do not know if I am capable of doing this as they.

I do not know if I am capable.

If I knew my purpose, my reason for existence, maybe then I could answer this a bit more clearly.

But with my limited knowledge , I do not know what I would do.

As for now, all that I can say is that I am considering. . .

-- Jango MH-01

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