Faron Woods

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Faron Woods
Shadows everywhere!
Source: Legend of Zelda -Twilight Princess
Builder: Benamas
Level Range: 6-10
Linked: Yes

Faron Woods is a place of spiders and manly fish.


Coro's Ranch lies along the southeast corner, home to a man selling unique lantern refills.


A road north of Zigolis Swamp leads into the woods. From there, there are roads out to Behemoth's Skull, Midnight Gardens, and Carnival Night Zone.


Beastmen, fish, and spiders take up most of the woods.

Law, Government, and Politics

As with any location under the influence of the Moon Mana Stone, the Beast Kingdom claims the area as its territory.


After colliding into a tree and losing his letters, a parakoopa once collected his thoughts before setting out to find his missing letters:

- Have I had my courier work interrupted by a thief?

- Or made a successful delivery?

The Great Explorer Luigi Says

Luigi.jpg "Always carry extra lights when exploring the Beast Kingdom because it's always dark!"