Gold City

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Gold City
Can anything be THAT shiny? Wait, this map doesn't seem right...
Source: Secret of Mana
Builder: Avenant & Versalia
Level Range: 60+
Linked: Yes

Gold City is a city populated by people with too much money. Most of it is coated with a literal layer of gold.

The "poor" side of town is coated with brass instead.


310 - The Mana Stone of Light is sent to King Manmon on the Lumnon Isle for protection.

315 - Completion of Gold Tower - the stronghold for the Mana Stone of Light.

320 - Gold City is established in its modern form.


Only the wealthiest of individuals can live here. Money is power, regardless of one's age, gender, race, or state of animation.


Golden streets, benches, trees, and fountains spewing alcohol. There's also a lighthouse guarding the Mana Stone of Light and another lighthouse that was a Pokemon Gym. There's a toy shop, several stores that deal in cosmetics, and a seer offering services for gold.


Since the city is based on an island, the only way to reach it is by ferry. Ferries depart from Shrike and Viorar for adventurers level 50 and above.

Law, Government, and Politics

While King Manmon flaunts his power and wealth, it is known that he doesn't directly rule over Gold City.


Two maidens working at the hotel were once desperate to find a new line of work. They brainstormed the following ideas to turn themselves into great adventurers:

- Let's find some missing cadavers.

- Then we'll complete the Aurum Challenge.

- We'll also help a new love bloom!

- Let's not forget to invent a new cocktail!

- And we'll become gold-diggers!

The Great Explorer Luigi Says

Luigi.jpg "Luigi likes-ta sell his old weapons in Gold City because he gets the best deal there than any-where else in the cleft. Faerie Walnuts are-a tasty way to regain some mana, but a-kirby can eat one to restore 700 mana! Mamma mia!"