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Lots of pleasant green spaces
Source: SaGa Frontier
Builder: Benamas
Level Range: 36-40
Linked: Yes

Shrike is a city and also an island off the eastern coast of Guardia.


Shrike fell into the Cleft around the year 280 with most of its population and infrastructure intact, forming an island in the Western Sea.


The Monotoli Building

Dr. Wily's Lab

Sei Park

Nakajima Robotics

Nakajima Robotics is the organization mostly responsible for the development of robot technology, if you exclude Reploids. The robots developed by Nakajima are mostly used for industrial purposes, able to survive in harsh environments or perform work that is otherwise impossible for the average person. The robots are more machinelike, as giving them a consciousness and putting them to labor would anger the Reploid populations.

The Quickstop

The Engineer's Guild

A bunch of techno-geeks have gathered together here to construct some crazy things.


Paved asphalt streets make up most of the city of Shrike, although not many people own vehicles.

Ferries run between Shrike and Truce. There's a ferry that goes to Gold City as well.


Many kinds of beings live here, both organic, mechanical, and even nonliving!

Law, Government, and Politics

Shrike is independent, and probably has some sort of defensive naval capabilities.


A few topics were thrown around one night as a few stoners gathered at the QuickStop to hang out:

- Anyone find a dead king?

- Or done some safecracking?

- Or listened to a beggar's creepy story?

The Great Explorer Luigi Says

Luigi.jpg "Shrike has some useful things for exploring, Luigi is-a glad he went. It's-a very stinky place, though."