Monotoli Building

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Monotoli Building
Source: Earthbound
Builder: MTSowbug
Level Range: 71-80
Linked: Yes

The Monotoli Building is a skyscraper in Shrike with at least a hundred stories.


319 - Monotoli Inc. dispatches a hovership to the Sea of Wonders for public transit.


Most of the building is off limits to non-employees, so there isn't much to see aside from the magical 'elevator' that can move people up and down.


The Monotoli Building can be seen almost anywhere in Shrike, towering over the city from the eastern edge off Okonogi Drive.


Many corporate wage slaves live out their dull lives in a maze of cubicles and offices. Researchers, sales representatives, managers, security personnel, and mailmen work day to day to fight heroically against the evil drops in sales figures.

Law, Government, and Politics

Monotoli Inc. is a corporation whose headquarters are located within the Monotoli Building. They are heavily invested in multiple projects worldwide, often related to research and development. Geldegarde Monotoli owns the building, though it is rumored that the building once went by another name and ran by another individual. A hierarchy of management is in place to keep the worker drones in line.


A koopa, a hylian, a gigantos, and a human busted into the tower one day, claiming to be 'Shadowrunners'. While causing quite a scene with security, their mission objectives were clear:

- Use the bathroom.

- Patronize the sciences.

- Make some delicious trout yogurt.

- Fight a bear.


- Prove that you are a true socialite.

- Discover what Pokey's up to.

The Great Explorer Luigi Says

Luigi.jpg "Luigi never cared much for office work..that's-a Toad's job! Watch out for security, facing more than one opponent at-a time is risky. Luigi drinks a tasty tea to stay out of sight."

A series of bloodstained notes

place is a damn nightmare. bad security clearance will get you drowned in bodies just like magitek. look out for the robots on the upper floors, don't fight 'em normally. there's a way to handle 'em, just [smeared blood renders this section unreadable.]