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Badass knows no other name.
Age: Ancient
Race: Vampire
Status: Undead
Affiliation: Vampires of Nosgoth (leader)

Former final boss of the Pillars of Nosgoth area.

Lord of the Nosgothian Vampires, and displaced king. Whereabouts are currently unknown.


The life Kaine may have had when he was still mortal is unimportant. Likewise, so are the events surrounding his death. What matters is why he was brought back.

Kaine was to be an avenger. A guardian of Nosgoth resurrected to cleanse the world of its corruption, and bring about Order and justice to the lands he once called home. Kaine did just that, mercilessly slaughtering the Council of the Nine, the rulers of Nosgoth. They had gone mad in their ageless existence, and there insanity had to be purged if the Pillars were to be redeemed, or if Nosgoth was to survive.

However there was one that Kaine did not kill. When he was reborn in the unlife of vampirism, he had been bound to the Pillars of Nosgoth as well. He was to be the scion of Balance, and only in that capacity could he fully cut out the taint of corruption the Nine had poisoned Nosgoth with. When all was said and done, and the other eight were all dead, Kaine was to kill himself as well. His death would complete the circle, mend Nosgoth, and allow the world to finally begin to heal.

Kaine refused. And when he did, the Pillars of Nosgoth crumbled.

Over the next 200 years, Kaine amassed an army of vampires and began his conquest of Nosgoth. What better use was there for the dark gift of immortality, than to set himself up as King and rule for eternity?

There was resistance, from mobilized farmers and peasants to the legendary Seraphim Knights, but in the end, how could the human race even hope to stand against the might of the living dead?

Kaine eventually took over all of Nosgoth, and set up his seat of power at the base of the Pillars that had started his long road toward tyranny.

Eons passed, and humanity had dwindled to but a few tiny pockets of resistance against the vampiric overlords. The vampires themselves had begun to change with the passage of time and the lack of blood to feed on, their once human countenance twisting and mutating into the shapes of horrific monsters. Each clan mutated differently, gaining new abilities and powers while their humanity faded away. Kaine was no exception.

Nosgoth its self was in a perpetual state of decay, the very world around the vampires dying a little more with every year that passed. Without the pillars Nosgoth could not restore its self; could not heal from the madness that corrupted it so long ago. There was little left of Nosgoth save for ruin, violence, and darkness. And soon enough, even that would rot away into nothing.

Kaine withdrew into the fortress, leaving the corpse of the once beautiful world to the Clans. He no longer held any interest in Nosgoth, or what may be occurring outside the walls of throne room. He spent all his time hidden away from even his own, waiting for something; some sign that he couldn't even begin to understand.

Kaine made no move when the Pillars were ripped out of Nosgoth and pulled into the Cleft of Dimensions. He did not act when his sanctuary was invaded by adventurers from this alien world, other than slay those that dared attack him. But when Nosgoth was invaded by 'vampires' of origins he was not aware, undead that he had not sired, he would disappear, leaving the broken Pillars, Nosgoth, and his ancient clans to whatever fate would find them.

One of these 'other' vampires would take his place, calling himself Kain and usurp the throne of Nosgoth for his own. But he was not Kaine. And no amount of magic, trickery, or claim would make it so.


Legacy of Kain Series



  • Arrived in the Cleft along with the Vampire clans and several ruins from Nosgoth.

  • Kaine has remained out of the affairs of the Cleft. It is not certain if he is even aware of life beyond his sanctuary.


Mist Form - Kaine can turn his entire body, or just parts of it, and any objects he has in his possession into a thin mist, nearly invisible to the naked eye. In this form, all physical and most magical attacks pass right through him.

Bat Swarm - At will, Kaine can change into hundreds of bats, all a part of him, and all completely under his control.

Telekinesis - With the power of his ancient mind, Kaine can move objects and/or people without so much as touching them.

Blood Gout - In a rather creative use of his telekinesis, Kaine can draw the very blood out of a given target.

Dominate Mind - Kaine can impose his will on any living creature, or unliving as the case may be, and take control of their body.

Masquerade - By clouding the minds of people around him, Kaine can appear to look like anyone he so chooses. This is only an illusion.

Dark Embrace - Through the powers of his eternal undeath, Kaine can turn both the living and the dead into vampires with only his blood. Just one drop in the mouth is all it takes, and the mortal, or the corpse, will become a vampire.

What's more, those turned or raised do not remember their mortal life. They know only Kaine, and their existence as an undead minion to the Vampire Lord.

Auto Abilities

Inhuman Strength - Through the dark gift of vampirism, Kaine is as strong as ten mortal men.

Celerity - Kaine is extremely fast, so fast, in fact, that most mortals cannot even see him move. To them it appears that he his teleporting, popping from one place to the other without moving at all.

Blood Sense - Kaine can smell the blood in a person, and as such, he knows when he is confronted with a creature that has no blood.