Pillars of Nosgoth

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The Pillars of Nosgoth
Sr Pillars.jpg
Source: Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver / Skyrim
Builder: Demonicor / Demeter
Level Range: 86 - 95
Linked: Yes

Deep in the Kakkara Desert a crumbling ruin slumbers. And it is said that there, in that forgotten corner of that sand-choked wasteland that the dead walk.

For years Nosgoth slept in the deep desert, undisturbed by the rest of the cleft. But recently a group of vampires looking for a place to call their own moved in, usurping control of Nosgoth for their own purposes.


In its own reality, the Pillars of Nosgoth were once the anchor of the planet. They were the source of life and power. The lands very heart. Legend said that if the nine pillars were to fall, all of Nosgoth would be lost.

And lost it was. The Pillars became corrupted by a madness that passed through their guardians. The vampire Kaine was created to restore the pillars by cutting out that corruption. However, even after he did as instructed, Kaine betrayed his benefactors and used his undead gifts to dominate the world instead of healing it.

The Pillars crumbled and Nosgoth fell to ruin. Kaine built his seat of power at the base of the broken pillars, and from there ruled over the dying world as his vampire children hunted out life wherever it may be hiding and snuffed it out. Darkness fell over Nosgoth, and only the dead walked freely through her bones.

Millenia passed, and the vampires of Nosgoth mutated and changed as it went. Due to a lack of blood to feed on, the Clans turned to something more akin to monsters of legend and nightmare, losing their humanity as their undead bodies developed new properties and abilities. Eventually, Nosgoth was inhabited by horrific creatures and what could only be called demons. And still, time flowed on around them as the world died.

But then one day things changed. The vampires found themselves and the ruins of their dead world in a vast desert, much unlike Nosgoth. And before anyone could even fathom the idea that Nosgoth was no more, their first sunrise in the Kakkara desert destroyed a large number of the Clans. Those that survived scattered, scrambling for shelter from this new sun.

But Kaine, he never left the Pillars of Nosgoth. And as far as any of his remaining children knew, that is where he has stayed.

However, of late, all of this backstory has been rendered moot by the displaced vampires of the Cleft fleeing society and coming to Nosgoth to make it a place of their own. The ancient creatures were deposed, and belittled for not being 'true' vampires, and Kaine disappeared. He was replaced with another vampire, a more human leader of these Cleftian undead, who calls himself Kain in an effort to maintain the peace between the ancient creatures of Nosgoth and his own squatters from elsewhere.

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