Kakkara Desert

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Kakkara Desert
Source: Various
Builder: Arilothas/Ageatii
Level Range: 51+
Linked: Yes

The Kakkara Desert is a desert island in Shadmire. It is near Caspia, which sits on the other end of the same island.


20 - Desperate to survive, a large group of individuals transplanted into the Cleft of Dimensions begins digging into the earth to escape the harsh weather of the Cleft's early years.

23 - After years of digging, a tunnel is discovered deep in the ground, leading to Fa'Diel.

325 - Monotoli Inc. establishes a sandship transportation system.


It's a very barren and boring desert. There is mostly nothing to see out here.

Dry Dry Outpost

A small outpost exists on the edge of the desert near the sandship dock. It was originally founded to support the sandship workers, but neighboring chobins moved in shortly after, expressing their natural entrepreneurial spirit.


Traveling by foot in the desert is strongly discouraged. Some of the more experienced utilize mounts to trek across the desert. A mechanical sandship acts as a ferry between the ends of the desert, where Caspia, Gobi's Valley, and the Sea of Wonders lies to the northeast, and _____ lies to the south.



There are rumors of a dark world of vampires somewhere around the desert. They say all who go looking for the vampire castle never return, but it's probably because of heatstroke.


The wildlife is sparse here, consisting of a small colony of lanmolas and a few desert mallards that congregate around the water.

Law, Government, and Politics

Kakkara Desert exists on the largest island of the Shadmire Archipelago. It belongs to the Shadmire Kingdom, but there are no laws that govern this specific region, as it is ungovernable.

Monotoli Inc. has staked a minor claim in the region with their Sandship Industry which is necessary for much communication and resources across the island.


Can you assist an aspiring chef?

The Great Explorer Luigi Says

Luigi.jpg "It's-a heavy, but the water keg is-a very big water container! La Funk canteens are-a good substitute if weight is a concern. Luigi carries a blue turban around to refill his canteens on the go!"