Magitek Factory

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Magitek Factory
Source: Final Fantasy 6 + 7
Builder: Arilothas
Level Range: 21-25
Linked: No

The Magitek Factory was once buried beneath Rocket Town. From as early on as anyone can remember, the place was abandoned and left to what adventurers there were that would plume its broken depths for treasure or long forgotten gadgets.

However, armored soldiers have recently taken over the ruin and barred anyone from entering the old factory. They even went so far as to collapse the tunnels from Rocket Town that gave access to the place.

What these soldiers are after, or what they may intend is anyone's guess. And unless some other route into the factory is known, no one may figure it out until its too late.

A series of bloodstained notes

what you do see are easy marks. what you don't see are the guards that'll swoop in to tag team you. rough place to work. if the alarm starts going off, run. you won't get past the crush of bodies they pile on.