Mt. Nibelheim

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Mt. Nibelheim
Not a prime vacation spot
Source: Final Fantasy 7
Builder: Arctic, Abysmal
Level Range: 16-20
Linked: Yes

Mt. Nibelheim is a mountain just outside of the Loftarasa Range, north of Wutai.

The ShinRa Electric Power Company has a reactor on this mountain which provides power to Wutai and surrounding areas.


Angry wolves are among the majority of residents here, upset that ShinRa Electric Power Company built a reactor in their home. Often underestimated by adventurers, they enjoy the eating of faces. A few token ShinRa representatives are assigned to guard their interests, but budget shortfalls have caused their numbers to be drastically cut back. There's also word of an itinerant writer making a temporary home here whilst gathering new material.


Tourists travel many miles up this mountain to drink from the mystical mana fountain. It is said that drinking from this fountain will briefly grant great wisdom. It may also cause stomach irregularities.


Mt. Nibelheim is often considered the 'half way' point for hardcore mountain hikers, as it leads into the rugged Loftarasa Range. Inexperienced travelers are advised take caution when exploring these mountains.

Law, Government, and Politics

While Guardia rules this area, the only real 'enforcement' comes from ShinRa's private security.


A pair of mountain climbers stopped to relax at the mana fountain. After taking a drink, one of the climbers glanced over at a Nibel Wolf who suddenly began asking him questions:

- Have you assisted a fellow explorer?

- Or defeated an ancient evil?

- Found a hidden city?

- And put on a really great show?

The Great Explorer Luigi Says

Luigi.jpg "Luigi is-a cautious around the wolves because they will assist one a-nother. The Kyuvilduns will try-ta drain health from their enemies."