Nightmare and Realization

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The Town of Truce

January 20 of the year 323

Luna's Day

"You bring great evil to the cleft, Aura..."

" threaten the threads of existence for all reploid kind..."

"...made to be controlled..."

"...stop living...attempt to survive..."

"The world is wicked and cruel...all will be crushed..."


Aura's eyes snapped open, the realization of her own scream, just now, ringing in her ears. It was early, very early, on the following morning as Aura looked around her little 'area' that she had set up within the Sanctuary of Mana.

Noticing that no one really seemed to mind, she had taken it upon herself to make the place her home, and took very good care of it, as such. The black rose lay beside her pallet, where she had left it, the scent of it dancing in and out of her nostrils like tiny, invisible fae.

"The symbol of death, and every aspect there of..."

She rolled her eyes towards the statue of the Goddess, whom she had grown to look up to, inanimate and unmoving, or otherwise. Like... like a mother.

So much more at peace did she feel within this area of solitude and calmness, and that lone, single statue did nothing less than to calm her, as well, when she needed it most, as a maternal spirit would do for her child. She wondered if anyone would think of this as odd, but it seemed natural to her, whom lacked a family at all...a real one.

With a sigh, she nestled back in, and made another attempt to obtain some much-needed sleep, closing her eyes slowly as a yawn threatened to push forward.

"Am I truly so different?..because I 'act'...human?"

"I... I don't want to be a catalyst for...ANY...amount of evil, in this realm..."

"I could die tomorrow...or one hundred years from now...but the friends I have...I will care and worry for, here and now..."


Opening one violet eye, Aura's gaze locked on to the flower of ebony mere inches away from her face. Expression grim, her eye closed again, as a sigh escaped her lips.

"I will do whatever I have to do... to get through this... for everyone I care about...and even those I don't know, yet..."



Several hours later, she stood at the entrance to her clan hall, apprehensive as anything, but adamant at what she had to do. She had enjoyed the time she was given, but...

"I'm sorry, Cyx... but, I guess I'm just not ready to settle down, yet... maybe some day, but until then... I want you to take care of yourself. And the rest of your clanmates."

And with that, before she could take even a SLIM chance at changing her mind, she was off and running, kicking up a heavy cloud of dust in her wake...

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