R-Y Factory Ruins

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R-Y Series Factory
Pretend the boxes are robots. Or box-shaped robots.
Source: Chrono Trigger
Builder: Benamas
Level Range: 21-25
Linked: Yes

A mysterious factory buried in a lava tube near Barrel Volcano.


Some entrepeneurs decided to build a geothermal-powered robot factory. Like most similar efforts, the high volcanic activity of the Sulfataska Range got the better of them and smothered the whole campus under a bajillion tons of molten rock.

There are probably some people who would like to go in and see what's left, now that the lava has cooled off, like treasure hunters or archaeologists.


Lasers, scrap metal, conveyor belts, and elevator buttons! Drop by and experience first class treatment as a hostile intruder classified as shoot to kill!


The ruined R-Y Factory lies in the Sulfataska Mountains, but it is out of the way of the main trail and a little exploring is required to find it.


Security bots and gun pods occupy the ruins, determined to stay online.

Law, Government, and Politics

The robots that remain online control the ruins and repel intruders of all races, genders, and affiliations.


A robot with wide eyes and dual treads once entered the factory, begging for input and claiming to be alive before being gunned down, the following program never to be completed:

- Recruited an archaeologist from nearby.

- Activate the derelict robot.

- Obtain a key to the generator room.

- Help a wandering spirit find peace.

- Ensure comrade-in-arms's survival.

The Great Explorer Luigi Says

Luigi.jpg "When presented with buttons, be sure to remember which button does what, the results aren't always immediately clear. Robots are vulnerable to electricity!"