Barrel Volcano

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Barrel Volcano
Volcano smoke! Don't breathe this.
Source: Super Mario RPG
Builder: MTSowbug
Level Range: 21-45
Linked: Yes

Barrel Volcano is an active volcano south of Truce. Adventurers sometimes go in there and also sometimes don't come back out. It is part of the Sulfataska Mountains.


306 - Surveyors assess the volcano as a possible source of energy.

307 - After presenting plans to the city of Truce, construction of a geothermal plant and robotics factory begin under Nakajima Robotocs Inc.

308 - Construction of Geothermal plant inside the Volcano is suspended following a confidential incident involving the deaths of many specialists involved with the project, Barrel Volcano is discovered to possibly still be active.

309 - The robotics project in a lava tube connected to Barrel also fails, signalling other industries to not invest in this volcano.


This is a volcano! People like looking at it from afar, but..

Supposedly a Mana Stone is hidden here.


A road in the Sulfataska Mountains just before Mabe Village leads up to the volcano's entrance.


It's mostly filled with magma-like creatures, including a colony of Blarggs deeper inside.

The explosives expert Hinopio calls this place home for some reason. They say he knows about the failed power plant, but refuses to discuss it.

Law, Government & Politics

Barrel Volcano lies in the northern border of the continent of Fa'Diel. No one really cares to control it.


An entire colony of Oerlikon roared with pride as their leader recited the steps for their foolproof plans of Volcano Domination:

- Find the power plant's back entrance!

- Overcome Gargantua Blargg!

- Blast apart the Czar Dragon!

- See what lies at the edge of the lithosphere!


The Great Explorer Luigi Says

Luigi.jpg "Sometimes an explorer needs to slow down and draw what he already knows in order to find what he doesn't. Always stay determined! Blizzard Materi-a from Cosmo Canyon works well here."