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"Looking fashionable and well-groomed is ALWAYS a way to make a good impression, as is being polite."
Age: 21
Race: Sentient Unicorn
Affiliation: Wishborn

Despite having been raised in a land far removed from the Cleft, by the name of Equestria, Rarity's not any less-trained in knowing how to fight. Her claim to fame is as a high-class dressmaker and entrepreneur known throughout Equestria, though she also wields a considerably powerful magical artifact known as the Element of Generosity.

Recently, however, she's made a pact with Kyuubey, in exchange for increased strength needed to protect her family, closest friends, and the other inhabitants of both her home world and the Cleft. It's earned her a Soul Gem, as well as the understanding of her newfound responsibilities and the dire repercussions should she fail to uphold them.

Among her more notable talents is an uncanny ability to detect ore and gem deposits of varying sizes using only her horn and a small trace of magic, though this isn't one developed before her prowess as a dressmaker developed fully.

Through her neglect of the duties she holds as a Wishborn, however, Rarity has succumbed to the folly that often strikes the careless or arrogant agents of Kyuubey down, and turned into a Witch. As such, the aura of Generosity she once possessed has been turned black, much like her Soul Gem.


Since before her ordainment as a Wishborn, Rarity has expressed interest in expanding the scope of the Carousel Boutique to beyond her homeworld's borders, especially to get rid of the inadequate cart she's forced to use for business.



Sweetie Belle - Without a doubt, there's a strong bond between the fashion-conscious unicorn and her younger sister, in spite of the arguments that sometimes spring up between the two of them.


Ambience - As one of the few non-Element-bearers she's come to know, Rarity's become quite fond of the young boy, to the extent that his disappearance has caused her quite a bit of anguish.

Twilight Sparkle - As the only other unicorn that wields an Element of Harmony, Rarity is on rather good terms with her leader, and very close friends as well.


Invisibility - Though it takes a good deal of concentration, and a bit of magic, Rarity can provide herself with a critical advantage both in and out of battle, or if she wants to avoid detection. The spell can be disrupted, however, with enough damage, or terminated outright by nullification or a complete loss of her magical capabilities.

Mineral manipulation - Of considerably greater importance than her invisibility spell is her ability to pinpoint veins of gemstones or other minerals and weaponize them via the fabrication of spears, daggers, or other sharp weapons.

Fashion-weapons - Perhaps the oddest of her abilities is her skill with using clothes-making equipment as impromptu weaponry, ranging from sewing needles to entire bolts of cloth, silk, or wool.