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Age: ??
Race: Human
Status: Alive
Affiliation: None

Sir Dusk of Elham


Dusk grew up in a life of solitude in his home dimension, Ivalice. From his early years to his coming of age he spent all of his time studying texts for the Glabados Church and training with the paladin Sir Dupre Roifenburg. Being an orphan, Dusk had no family outside of the church. The closest thing he had to a father was Father Malkom, the head priest of the tiny village of Elham. Behind the scenes, Father Malkom worked as part the church's 'heretic slayers'. It is for this reason that he gathered a small group of orphans to be trained in both the ways of a priest and of a knight. The orphans would be expected to bring peace to lingering spirits, and so they were injected with a substance known as 'ectoshade', which is a kind of poison toxic towards ghosts. For the latter part of his life, Dusk spent his time seeking out heretics and slaying them if they did not atone for their sins. He had also just started learning the Holy Sword techniques under Sir Dupre's guidance.

This life came to an end as soon as Dusk fell into the cleft. Within his first day, he was bumped into by Oboyo Jinsaka while looking around in Truce. He followed Oboyo out near Rabite Forest where he witnessed the man shooting an elderly gentleman. Before he could bring Oboyo to justice, Dusk was possessed by an old and evil spirit that Oboyo named 'Florence'. Supposedly, Florence can only possess a pure soul, or at least one as pure as spiritually possible. However, the ectoshade in Dusk's body began to eat away at Florence's spirit. To circumvent that, Florence's spirit fused with Dusk's, creating a strange new individual. The end result is the Dusk seen during Imbibobot's chapter in life: a bipolar psychopath who bounces between naivety and nonsensical ramblings.

Florence has been in the cleft for a long time, but the details of its past were unknown until recently. However, it makes its intentions clear: become the ultimate entity in existence. It is for this reason that it takes possession of pure souls to find the ultimate power and seize it. Another mysterious fact is that alcohol has an effect in determining control of Dusk's body.

Chaos and Drink

On his way to the Etansel Library one day in the year 350, Dusk (controlled by Florence) found himself involved with a scene in Truce. A strange robot caught his attention when it mentioned its god. This started a long journey with Imbibobot's flock in a search for god. In the end, Florence learned a lot about the hidden mysteries of the cleft. In particular, it gave Florence insight on the most powerful beings in the cleft. This gave Florence a new plan: find the seams holding the cleft together and use them against the ultimate inventor: Carsanquay.

These adventures can be followed in the RP Logs "Tales of Imbibobot" and the world notes "Notepad from a creepy Scholar".


Tailing Lenai in Truce one day hoping to find a lead on Kolem's location, Dusk (controlled by Florence) saw a group of adventurers speaking to a strange cat. This creature, calling itself Kyuubei, offered a wish to anyone foolish enough to give in to the temptation. Florence observed the creature creating soul gems to those who made a wish. Having transferred souls in the past, Florence felt this would be its chance to seal away Dusk's soul into a gem and take full control of Dusk's body. Florence first tried to wish for a vessel that would lead him to the cleft's seams, but Kyuubei refused the wish under grounds that it would interfere with the immortals' interests. In the end, it simply wished for the soul gem itself. Now that Florence has full control of Dusk's body, it continues its search for a way to find the cleft's seams while upholding its part of Kyuubei's deal.

After its first battle fighting alongside the other Wishborn, Florence witnessed Kyrk destroying Lenai's soul gem as a response to her sloth. For reasons unknown, Florence separated from the other Wishborn to find a way to restore Lenai's soul and sever the link tying Dusk's soul to his body. Even though Dusk's soul is sealed away, should something happen to the gem, his body will suffer for it as well. For obvious reasons, Florence wishes to keep the gem safe so it can continue to use Dusk's body.

Florence then met with a talking grimoire in Viorar and discussed the research of a man named 'Seamus' regarding soul creation. Afterwards, he was ambushed by Oboyo and his knights, an order sworn to exorcise malevolent spirits. Thanks to Dusk's soul gem powers, it was able to defeat Oboyo and escape. It is presumed that Florence is lying low to avoid Oboyo's order of knights while seeking the man named Seamus.

Florence later sought Gaeus for his thoughts regarding the wish granting creature, but that lead no where. It was then approached by a mysterious man calling himself 'Oxcarts', who invited it to join his peculiar organization. Seeing no reason to refuse, Florence agreed to work them and was rewarded the power to control minor shadow creatures known as the 'Heartless'. Florence currently uses the organization's resources to research a method to sever the link to the soul gem while hunting wielders of weapons known as 'keyblades' in return.

Having stumbled on a possible solution to the 'thread' that ties both gem to body, Florence sets out for the soul gems carried by other Wishborn to use as experiments in a transmutation consisting of unique designs from an assortment of dimensions. Its first target was Rarity, who eventually decided to actually 'surrender' and go along with it for now. After defeating a witch in a 'realm of darkness', Florence was forcefully embedded with the 'Rune of Punishment', one of the 27 'true runes' from another dimension. This threw off its plan and it sent Rarity home as it now researches for more information. For now, it doesn't dare use the rune's power.

After several encounters with Oboyo Jinsaka and his entourage, Florence was separated from Dusk's body and the truth of its past was revealed to it: It was the personification of the 'Spirit Rune'*, another one of the 27 True Runes from the same world as the Rune of Punishment. With some help, Oboyo eliminated Florence and took the Spirit Rune into his left hand. However, the process set Dusk's life on a timer. While he was restored to his original state, he only had 'half of a soul' left due to merging with Florence. In his final hours, he killed the corrupted Rarity and brought her peace before joining her himself.

These adventures can be followed in the RP Logs "Price of Sloth", "Web of Misery", "No More Secrets", "Premeditation", "Two Threats", "Darkness Rising", "Experiments and Associates", "A Knight's Duty", and "A Truly Generous Sending". There is also the world note, "What is a name?"

World Notes

Notes from a Scholar's Notepad


Year 350

Chaos and Drink Arc

Part 4: Proselytizing

  • Imbibobot appears in Truce next, where it changes pipes feeding the town fountain so that it will produce alcohol instead of water.
    • Wins the moogle Snoozewolf over to the religion of Alcoholism.
    • Dusk, Kolem, Mpoppybros, and Monkooky are drawn into the robots antics when they get drunk from the fountain and/or try to argue religion with it.
    • Kolem deduces that the god the Imbibobot talked about was likely a Kirby, and it, along with Dusk, convinced the robot that they should try to find it.

Part 5: The Pilgrimage

  • The Imbibobot, with Dusk and Kolem, search for this inebriated Kirby god in the Truce Bar, but, when they can't find it, they end up following the drunk ramblings of Thoban to Viorar.
    • Cedeno gets involved once more, after encountering the robot in Truce, and tags along to Viorar.
    • Dusk convinced Imbibobot to got to Viorar, declaring Thoban a messenger from god, and clearly had an ulterior motive for being involved.
      • Thoban went along with the spiritual quest because he believed he could get a money and free drinks out of them.
    • Kolem just wanted to meet the Kirby who convinced Imbibobot it was a god.
  • Immediately going to the Mischievous Spirit bar, the group encounters Prometheus before the Imbibobot seizes up and stops functioning completely.
    • The Manager of the facility declared it a murder and called the police.