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Rusted, drunk, and bent
Age: ???
Race: Robot
Status: Drunk
Affiliation: Alcoholism

Imbibobot was a battered, rusty robot that appeared in Truce in the year 350.

Its true name was Drunkman, number 76 of Dr. Wily's creations, and likely one of the strangest, since it seemed to only be designed to drink and process alcohol.

With no knowledge of the world, this rogue Drunkman would found a religion on the ideas of alcoholism after a chance encounter with a drunk Kirby left it with the idea that it had met god. As it gained a following among the denizens of the Middle Realm, it grew more and more fervent about sharing the faith and getting everyone drunk. Even if it meant that it was doing so by force.


Year 350

Chaos and Drink Arc

Part 1: Finding God

  • Declared a kirby named Fishspill a god when it bought a beer for the robot.
    • Believed Fishspill's story about an ethanol sea and chocolate treestumps.
    • Robbed the Truce bank when Fishspill mentioned being out of money.
    • Drug a well-meaning Skyjack into its antics when it tried to find where Fishspill had gone.
      • Skyjack took Imbibobot into the Rabite Forest and left it there at the nectar fountain.
        • Believed that it had found the Promised Land that Fishspill described.

Part 2: Promised Land

  • Imbibobot creates the religion of Alcoholism when it involves Cedeno, Jane, the reploid Prometheus, and the ranboob priest Ghostfish in its quest to get an axe and liberate treestumps in Rabite Forest from their trees.
    • Declares Prometheus and Ghostfish Deacons.
    • Cedeno gets lost in the Cave of Waterfalls and does not return.
    • Never gets around to actually chopping any trees down.

Part 3: The Source

  • The moogles Armandine and Aemmeu, along with their friend Ulyaoth, join the religion of Alcoholism and help Imbibobot try to find the source of the nectar fountain in the Rabite Forest.
    • A human named Heyan joined them, and seemed interested in the moogles, the drinking, and the religion, but he got left behind when Imbibobot and its disciples left to find the fountain source.
    • Group went to Cave of Waterfalls, but found only water and monsters.
      • Ulyaoth and Aemmeu left, but Armandine took Imbibobot to Saturn Valley, to check their hot springs for alcohol content, and then back to the Rabite Forest to meet with Nikita to find the nectar source.
        • Nikita swore it was bees dropping nectar into the fountain's water that made it alcoholic.

Part 4: Proselytizing

  • Imbibobot appears in Truce next, where it changes pipes feeding the town fountain so that it will produce alcohol instead of water.
    • Wins the moogle Snoozewolf over to the religion of Alcoholism.
    • Dusk, Kolem, Mpoppybros, and Monkooky are drawn into the robots antics when they get drunk from the fountain and/or try to argue religion with it.
    • Kolem deduces that the god the Imbibobot talked about was likely a Kirby, and it, along with Dusk, convinced the robot that they should try to find it.

Part 5: The Pilgrimage

  • The Imbibobot, with Dusk and Kolem, search for this inebriated Kirby god in the Truce Bar, but, when they can't find it, they end up following the drunk ramblings of Thoban to Viorar.
    • Cedeno gets involved once more, after encountering the robot in Truce, and tags along to Viorar.
    • Dusk convinced Imbibobot to got to Viorar, declaring Thoban a messenger from god, and clearly had an ulterior motive for being involved.
      • Thoban went along with the spiritual quest because he believed he could get a money and free drinks out of them.
    • Kolem just wanted to meet the Kirby who convinced Imbibobot it was a god.
  • Immediately going to the Mischievous Spirit bar, the group encounters Prometheus before the Imbibobot seizes up and stops functioning completely.
    • The Manager of the facility declared it a murder and called the police.