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Is this a Skyjack?
Age: ??
Race: Human(?)
Status: Unknown
Affiliation: None

Skyjack was a professed magic-using farmer of an unspecified species, that the Imbibobot encountered only once. Though he did not have a lasting impact, he did take the robot to the nectar shrine in the Rabite Forest and inadvertently help start a movement that would take the Middle Realm by storm.


Chaos and Drink

Year 350

  • Imbibobot declared a kirby named Fishspill a god when it bought a beer for the robot.
    • Believed Fishspill's story about an ethanol sea and chocolate treestumps.
    • Robbed the Truce bank when Fishspill mentioned being out of money.
    • Drug a well-meaning Skyjack into its antics when it tried to find where Fishspill had gone.
      • Skyjack took Imbibobot into the Rabite Forest and left it there at the nectar fountain.
        • Believed that it had found the Promised Land that Fishspill described.