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Is this a Monkooky?
Age: ??
Race: ??
Status: Unknown
Affiliation: None

Monkooky was a being of unknown species or origin that innocently got caught up in the antics of the Imbibobot in Truce, when it made the town's fountain start producing alcohol instead of water. They got so drunk that they simply went to sleep until the robot and its followers were gone.


Chaos and Drink

Year 350

  • Imbibobot appears in Truce, where it changes pipes feeding the town fountain so that it will produce alcohol instead of water.
    • Wins the moogle Snoozewolf over to the religion of Alcoholism.
    • Dusk, Kolem, Mpoppybros, and Monkooky are drawn into the robots antics when they get drunk from the fountain and/or try to argue religion with it.
    • Kolem deduces that the god the Imbibobot talked about was likely a Kirby, and it, along with Dusk, convinced the robot that they should try to find it.