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Is this a Heyan?
Age: ??
Race: Human(?)
Status: Unknown
Affiliation: None

Heyan happened across the Imbibobot while it was discussing the source of the Rabite Forest's nectar fountain with the moogles Armandine and Aemmeu, and their companion Ulyaoth. And though Heyan expressed interest in the religion of Alcoholism and joining the group, he was mostly ignored by the Imbibobot and left behind at the fountain alone.


Chaos and Drink

Year 350

  • The moogles Armandine and Aemmeu, along with their friend Ulyaoth, join the religion of Alcoholism and help Imbibobot try to find the source of the nectar fountain in the Rabite Forest.
    • A human named Heyan joined them, and seemed interested in the moogles, the drinking, and the religion, but he got left behind when Imbibobot and its disciples left to find the fountain source.
    • Group went to Cave of Waterfalls, but found only water and monsters.
      • Ulyaoth and Aemmeu left, but Armandine took Imbibobot to Saturn Valley, to check their hot springs for alcohol content, and then back to the Rabite Forest to meet with Nikita to find the nectar source.
        • Nikita swore it was bees dropping nectar into the fountain's water that made it alcoholic.